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Odoo Partner in California

An enterprise resource planning software (i.e. a business management software) can help companies in a plethora of ways. However, one of the most important contributions of an ERP system is that it can streamline and automate processes, creating a leaner, more accurate and efficient operation. Which, in turn, can lead to a successful business. Odoo ERP functions in the same manner. Created as a comprehensive open-source enterprise resource planning software, it features thousands of applications. All of which are created and designed to improve and optimize business processes. However, with countless options to choose from, implementing the correct solutions may not be the easiest of tasks. And implementing all the apps is not only counterintuitive, but also a waste of resources. Fortunately, an Odoo Partner in California is more than equipped to help you find the ideal solution fit for your business’ needs.

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Odoo: App for Every Need

Odoo ERP has over 30 enterprise apps (licensed) and over 18,000 Community apps (free and open-source). Whether the company’s goal is to boost sales, integrate services, streamline operations, amplify marketing, manage finances, build a website or such – an Odoo Partner in California can help. Since Odoo offers apps based on the business’ department (i.e. marketing or HR), you can rest assured the ERP system you are implementing is well-rounded and tailored to your business’ specific needs and requirements.

In addition to providing companies with modular solutions to optimize operations, Odoo is also known for: 


  • With thousands of apps to choose from; licensed and free-to-use/customizable, an Odoo partner in California will be able to assist with any issue you are facing and find an appropriate ERP solution.


  • Odoo is nearly 5-10 times less expensive than comparable, alternative ERP solutions on the market.


  • Whether you are a small business or a mid-size enterprise, Odoo works for all company sizes. In order to scale, you simply add users/modules every time you need the ERP software to match your company’s growth.


  • An Odoo Partner in California will have experienced developers on their team, making it a breeze to tailor an Odoo app to best fit your business’ needs.


  • Odoo features an intuitive UI for both basic and advanced users.

Odoo ERP Services

While the services far exceed the following, an Odoo Partner in California will provide you with the services listed below as the bare minimum:

Odoo Consultation

  • This is where the Odoo Partner in California will take a call with you, or even visit your company on-site in order to assess the situation, identify any gaps in the business and have a conversation with you to understand your needs and pain-points. After which, the ERP implementation team will design solutions that will help you achieve, and exceed, your business goals.

Odoo Implementation

  • Upon the consultation, the Odoo Partner in California will lay out the timeline among all the other necessary details surrounding the implementation of the Odoo ERP.

Odoo Customization

  • With Odoo being open-sourced, the Odoo Partner in California will do their best to customize the necessary apps and tailor them to your business’ needs. The goal of the customization is to turn any app into your business’ dream software.

Odoo Integration

  • If you are currently using a different software to manage your business systems, an Odoo Partner in California can easily integrate it with the Odoo ERP.

Odoo Support

  • Any Odoo Partner in California should be able to provide you with 24/7 support after the implementation. Issues are unpredictable, but adequate support is a necessity.

In addition to what any Odoo Partner in California should be expected to provide you, how can you ensure that they are the ideal fit for your company?

Consider how long the Odoo Partner in California has been in the industry, how many successful implementations have they have had, what are their accomplishments, and so forth. Additionally, check to see whether this partner has had experience with similar issues in the past and whether they have the necessary resources, knowledge and team (i.e. developers) available to help rectify this issue. Another great way to gauge this is by checking the partner’s client’s testimonials / case studies to see if their claims match up. Lastly, and most importantly, take a look at their presence. Ensuring your Odoo Partner in California, or elsewhere, is capable of meeting you on-site during the process, as well as being able to provide you with support and aid off-shore is key to a successful implementation.

Why is Bista the Right Odoo Partner in California

There are many reasons as to why Bista Solutions is the ideal partner for your Odoo needs in California and across the United States. In addition to having been around for nearly two decades, and completing over 250 successful Odoo ERP implementations, the Bista team is a certified Odoo Gold Partner and a four-time winner of the Odoo Best Partner award – with the latest win in 2021.

Awards & Recognition:

  •       Best Odoo Partner of the Year 2021 North America
  •       Best Odoo Partner of the Year 2018 North America
  •       Best Odoo Partner of the Year 2016 USA
  •       Best Odoo Partner of the Year 2015 North America

Awarded as “The Best Odoo Gold Partner North America"

Furthermore, we have over 200 developers on and off-shore, and have the ability to provide support 24/7 during and after the implementation. We not only implement the software, but also hold your hand until the support and migration services have been completed. Additionally, we have a dedicated 24×7 support center to help our clients whenever they need us. Rest assured, with Bista Solutions, your company will be fully supported.

Whether you want to learn more about Odoo, or you wish to implement it, reach out to our team of Odoo experts via our contact us form