How To Overcome Odoo Performance Issues & Odoo Implementation Challenges

Odoo Performance Issues
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  • Jan 21, 2020
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Implementing Enterprise Resource Planning Software like Odoo is a big change for any organisation or leader. At some point, it can also be daunting for a business because it involves multiple considerations and checklists. To list a few, the prominent ones include- the listing of proper requirements in a new Odoo ERP system,  providing functional training to the users, restructuring key business processes, migrating the data from the old system to new and many others and identifying the right costs for ERP implementation. If the implementation partner fails in properly defining any of the above, it can bring in drastic consequences to the business. When ERP systems like Odoo reflect performance issues, it can paralyze the entire organization, which is why it very important to choose the right implementation partner. We at Bista always ensure that the below mentioned common Odoo performance issues are always fixed.

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There is a rising number of Odoo ERP implementation mistakes that many partners make, we on the other hand use our expertise and experience to make sure that none of these issues ever become a roadblock in your Odoo experience.

Odoo Performance Issues

Absence of strategic management planning – When an organization decides to implement an ERP framework, the first step is having a clear strategic roadmap and a goal that needs to be met. Having a clear goal implies characterizing the money related advantages, essential business forms, and due dates in advance. One of the most common Odoo performance issues that organizations are faced with is not recognizing all the requirements from the ERP implementation and not identifying all the people who will be dealing with the issues. A strategic plan needs a logical succession of tasks, such as a calendar to fix bugs found in test cycles.

Over-customization– Many organizations comprehend that customizing their current ERP framework includes time, risk and cost to the project. Customization’s can be the main risk area in Odoo ERP implementation. Despite this, it is observed that companies are not able to eliminate the customization’s in their Odoo ERP implementation, which in turn causes Odoo performance issues.
Absence of experienced project managers – One of the common mistakes that organizations make while getting resources on open source ERP project is hiring of an experienced project manager. Over the years, it has been made clear that activities that require in-depth software expertise, usually require their very own committed, experienced project managers. Not any ERP expert can have solutions to your Odoo performance issues. A person who takes on the task as a part-time adjunct to their primary role will suffice for seamlessly conducting Odoo implementation. The project manager should be a functioning head pushing for expertise, transparency, responsibility, and conclusiveness.
Absence of framework testing. – One of the biggest reasons why clients have to face odoo performance issues is because they do not take regular tests seriously. At the point when plans get tight, many organizations decrease the number and profundity of test cycles. This is primarily because many clients do not realize the reason for testing an Odoo ERP implementation. Testing helps in checking whether the framework meets your business needs and creates the yield you need. Reducing the testing may not leave defects undiscovered, however it risks that the Odoo ERP framework will miss important functions or not be acknowledged by end clients causing higher Odoo performance issues.
Absence of training key resources – Another reason why many Odoo implementation do not reap the results they are expected to, is when clients are rushed into using the product without sufficient training. One of the key skills that your Odoo implementation partner needs to have is to train users. In fact, leaving training towards the end of the project makes it difficult for the clients to comprehend the framework and have a positive first impression at the rollout, so doing it at the right time is as important as doing it in the right way.

With over a decade of experience in Odoo ERP, we know how drastic the results of an implementation error can be. That is why we proceed with utmost caution and care while customizing your ERP solutions. Reach us, to know more about how we can help you change your business processes for the better.