Odoo POS Features

Odoo POS Features

Odoo POS Features

The Odoo Point of Sale app (Odoo POS Features) is designed to provide businesses with a complete and efficient solution for their in-store sales operations. It offers a user-friendly interface, making it easy for sales associates to process transactions and manage customer orders. The app integrates with other key business tools, such as inventory management, customer relationship management, and accounting, to provide a seamless and comprehensive sales experience.

The Point of Sale app features a customizable interface that allows users to configure the app to meet their specific business requirements. It includes advanced reporting capabilities, providing valuable insights into sales performance and customer behavior. The app also supports various payment options, including credit card and mobile payments, making it easy for customers to complete transactions quickly and efficiently. Whether a business is looking to improve its in-store sales process or streamline its operations, the Odoo Point of Sale app provides a powerful and flexible solution.

While there are numerous features and benefits to implementing this specific app, let’s highlight the key ones below.

– Odoo POS Features

– Odoo POS – Payments

Payment Options: The system supports various payment methods, including cash, checks, and credit cards, with the possibility of adding more.

Electronic Transactions: Electronic payments such as credit and debit cards are processed by external payment terminals.

Multiple Payments: Orders can be split between multiple parties and paid using different payment methods.

Offline Functionality: Orders taken offline are synchronized when the connection is restored.

Invoicing Capabilities: Generates and prints invoices for business customers.

Integrated Accounting: Payments are integrated into Odoo Accounting for streamlined bookkeeping.

Currency Adjustments: The system allows for rounding of prices and payments to the smallest currency denomination.

Tipping Options: The system offers the ability for customers to tip, either as an added amount or by converting change to a tip.

Odoo POS – Checkout

Pricing and Discounts: The ability to set custom prices or provide percentage-based discounts for single products or entire orders.

Rapid Search: The capability to easily find customers and products through built-in search functions.

Simultaneous Orders: The ability to temporarily set aside orders and process multiple orders at the same time.

Multi-Step Checkout Process: The option to sell at one point of sale and pay at another through the multi-step checkout.

Customizable Receipts: The possibility to advertise promotions, operating hours, and future events on printed receipts.

Mobile Selling: The ability to sell using an iPad or Android tablet anywhere in a store or restaurant.

On-the-Spot Weighing: The capability to calculate product weight during checkout with electronic scale integration.

Dynamic Barcodes: The ability to embed price, weight, and discount information directly into barcodes.

Odoo POS – Store Management

Order History: Access a comprehensive history of all previous orders and easily search through them using various criteria such as customer, product, cashier, or date.

Cash Flow Monitoring: Keep a close eye on cash register adjustments and easily verify cash balance at the end of each day.

Daily Sales Tracking: Keep a record of daily sales and the totals of each payment type.

Inventory Management: Stay up-to-date on your stock levels in real-time, manage inventory across multiple locations, and review shipments with the Odoo Stock integration.

Cashier Management: Efficiently manage multiple cashier accounts, ensuring security through the use of badges or personal identification numbers.

Franchise Management: Pre-configure your franchise stores, have a complete overview of their sales, and centrally manage their stock and accounting.

Odoo POS – Customer & Loyalty

Customers Registration: Easily identify your customers by registering their email and contact information, which enables you to provide discounts and track individual sales.

Business Clients: Record your clients’ VAT number and apply it to invoices.

Customer Identification: Effortlessly locate your customers with the in-built search tool or identify them with a barcode on their loyalty card.

Loyalty Programs: Incentivize your customers with loyalty points that can be redeemed for gifts or discounts. Points can be earned based on products, orders, or sale value.

Odoo POS – Restaurant Management

Table Management: Easily assign orders to tables and monitor the restaurant’s floor plan through a graphical editor that allows changes on the fly.

Sequential Meal Orders: Take orders for multiple courses of a meal and send them to the kitchen printer at different times.

Guest Tracking: Keep track of your guests with a clear view of your restaurant’s capacity and available tables.

Food Requirements: Add notes for customer preferences, allergies, or special requests and transmit them to kitchen or bar printers.

Bill Splitting: Allow customers to pay at different times or separately by splitting orders.

Kitchen Communication: Automatically send order instructions to bar and kitchen printers based on the product category.

Odoo POS – Products

Product Organization: Sort your products into hierarchical categories for easy navigation and display different categories at various sales points.

Multiple Barcode Support: Set up several barcodes for a single product using various barcode systems.

Efficient Product Search: Locate products quickly using the in-built search, which can be done by name, barcode, or description.

Variant Options: Offer different sizes, colors, or configurations of a single product through the use of product variants.

Customizable Measurement Units: Sell your products using custom or pre-defined measurement units, which will update your stock accordingly.

High Product Capacity: The Point of Sale system of Odoo is capable of handling a large product count of over 100,000 items.

Odoo POS – Web Application

Web-based Deployment: Odoo’s POS system can be accessed through Chrome, Firefox, or Safari on any device and operating system, including Microsoft Windows, Apple OSX, Linux, Android, and iOS.

PC/Tablet Support: The POS can also be used on standard computers, tablets, and touch-screen terminals.

Ideal for Tablets: The best experience is achieved on a recent iPad or Android tablet of comparable size and performance.

Offline Functionality: The POS continues to function even when offline, and data will not be lost if the web browser is closed while offline.

Customizable with HTML5: The open-source POS system can be tailored with HTML5/JS extension modules.

Odoo POS Hardware

Odoo’s Point of Sale Hardware page offers hardware solutions specifically designed to enhance the functionality of the Odoo Point of Sale (POS) app. These hardware components are designed to be seamlessly integrated with the Odoo POS system, ensuring smooth and efficient operations for businesses. The hardware components include:

  • POS Terminals
  • Barcode Scanners
  • Weighing Scales
  • Cash Registers
  • Receipt Printers
  • Customer Displays
  • RFID Tag / Key Fob Reader
  • Among others

The hardware components available on the Odoo Point of Sale Hardware page are designed to improve the user experience for businesses using the Odoo POS system. For example, the POS terminals offer a user-friendly interface for taking orders and processing payments, while the barcode scanners allow for quick and accurate product scanning. The cash drawers and customer displays, on the other hand, enhance the overall look and feel of the business while improving efficiency and organization. The hardware solutions offered by Odoo can help businesses to streamline their operations and enhance the customer experience, leading to increased sales and profitability.

Why Odoo POS?

Odoo POS is the ideal solution for restaurant owners as it offers a comprehensive and efficient solution for in-store sales operations. With its user-friendly interface, customizable design, and advanced reporting capabilities, the app provides valuable insights into sales performance and customer behavior. It supports various payment options, including credit card and mobile payments, and integrates with key business tools such as inventory management, customer relationship management, and accounting. Additionally, it includes features specifically tailored for restaurant management, such as table management, sequential meal orders, guest tracking, and kitchen communication. With its extensive list of features and benefits, Odoo POS is a powerful and flexible solution that helps businesses improve their in-store sales process and streamline their operations.

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