Odoo Repair Management ERP

Odoo Repair Management ERP

Product manufacturing companies put in a lot of effort to deliver exceptional results. With some businesses, the moment the product is sold to the customer – their responsibility ends. However, with product manufacturing companies, the opposite is true. Sometimes, a product purchase could lead to another service beyond retail; maintenance and repair – which could last anywhere from several weeks to many years.

Repairing involves restoring the faulty product or an application into a workable (or original) condition so that it can be reusable. The procedure needs to be managed properly and every step of the repair process has to be recorded in order to monitor the repair time, repair cost, reason for repair, and such. Since most products allow customers to send in their product repair request online, the process needed to be managed correctly. Ideally in such a way where no single repair request is missed. Since communication is vital in such instances, it is imperative to ensure that customers are getting the responses they need within the specified time frame – to avoid any consequences.

So the question becomes, is there a business management software solution that can help with exactly that?

Odoo ERP

Cue Odoo ERP – a business management system that combines a suite of business management software tools in order to improve business processes across a company. With its wide array of applications (apps) and its cost-effective and modular solutions, Odoo has designed all its apps to help companies across all verticals with specific parts of their business. For example, the Sales team within a company may require an app that helps boost sales, while an Accounting team may need an app that helps manage finances.

There are 30 Odoo enterprise apps which are licensed, and over 18,000 Odoo Community apps which are both free and open-source. With the majority of Odoo apps being open-sources, developers can easily tweak them in order to tailor them to fit around one’s company needs and requirements.

Essentially, Odoo ERP gives you the best repair management ERP solutions to work with. From flexible functionality to countless management solutions, this ERP helps companies within the repair management industry in several ways – some of which are seen below.

Speed Up the Process of Repairing

  • The repair process is both quick and efficient with Odoo’s Repair Management ERP solution. In fact, the process itself can be tracked in a few simple clicks. Additionally, the status of each repair type is shown and as such, the complete data of every repair request and its progress is apparent at every stage of the procedure.
  • This not only helps the head of the repair management team keep an eye on the repair statistics, the individual can also see the amount of time each repair took. These little details help identify shortcomings in any particular step as well as the reason for lag-time. Accordingly, corrective actions can be taken to improve the entire process; from the initial repair request to the final quality check – and everything in between – can be tracked, monitored and improved for a more quick and efficient service.

Easy Management of Repair Requests

  • A repair request involves correcting the technical issues that make the product faulty or inefficient. However, managing this type of service effectively is no easy feat. As such, the ideal solution would be implementing a strong management tool that can handle big management processes. Odoo Repair Management ERP can handle critical issues and map them all out for easy management.

Rework Can be Minimized

  • When it comes to rework, there may be many reasons it could be needed. For example, improper design (i.e. not the design the customer wanted), missing finishing steps, physical damage during delivery transportation, manufacturing defects due to faulty machines, and such are some of the reasons a customer may file a repair request. When this request is filed, specific steps such as repairing physical damage, unpacking and repacking, and refinishing the product will need to be taken.
  • However, this rework can be avoided by taking some preventive actions. If there is damage to a product caused during transportation, an ERP solution would have tracked the path taken and noted that down. If the path (the transportation route) was the issue, you can change the shipment/transportation method or route.
  • Since the ERP application is integrated, you can easily generate the necessary report in order to find the cause for rework. Once you establish the right cause, you can take the necessary actions to resolve the issue as well as avoid similar problems in the future.

Ease of Billing & Invoicing

  • For all product sales, or service, the company has to generate invoices as per the set prices. As such, with different products and services available, the rates may vary which means that the correct pricing and calculation is necessary at the time of invoicing.
  • When the Odoo ERP is implementing, any associating software’s that your company may have been relying on (i.e. QuickBooks for accounting) can be integrated as well. As such, all the relevant data can be visible and exchanged across platforms accordingly. This means that the invoicing app will get the correct rates and prices directly from the inventory or purchase module. You won’t need to check the price list every time a repair request rolls in. In fact, the generated invoice can also be sent to the client email address directly, and you can also provide them with a hard copy if needed.
  • When the product is covered under the warranty and is within the warranty period, repair and service changes may not be applicable in that instance. In this case, the invoicing system can get all the relation information directly from the integrated sales module.
  • Odoo Repair Management ERP is the perfect all-in-one solution for cases like this. Especially if you want to assert a payment gateway, automatic client email address/address detection, automatic fees calculation – all in a single platform.

Happy Customers with Satisfactory Service 

  • Odoo Repair Management ERP is well-equipped with many prominent functionalities for service management tactics which can result in a satisfied customer. This ERP software has the ability to complete repair tasks in a shorter period of time, which usually leads to happier customers. With easy to access real-time data, as well as all the information readily available on a single platform, those in sales or service can confidently community with a customer since they all accurate information about the customer as well as the product sent in for repair (including the warranty, the issue, where it is in the repair process, etc.).

Odoo Repair Management ERP & Bista Solutions

If you want more information on Odoo ERP, or want to see a demo on how Odoo can help your company within the repair management industry – look no further than Bista Solutions. Our team can help you streamline the repair management process and help you further optimize your business processes.

We have nearly two decades of experience implementing ERP solutions across various industries. Additionally, the Bista team has implemented 250+ successful Odoo projects and has been awarded Odoo Best Partner across North America for its fourth time this year. So rest assured, our team has the knowledge, experience and expertise to help you reach your goals.

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