Odoo Request for Quotation Merge App

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Odoo 10 is the most revolutionary ERP present in the market with its amazing features and user friendly interface. With the help of odoo team, partners and all contributors worldwide odoo have evolved at a very high pace.

Odoo Apps:

There are various apps in odoo both for community and enterprise editions related to manufacturing, e-commerce, accounting, sales, purchases etc. These apps are divided into the category of free/paid ones.

Request For Quotation Merge App:

For odoo community and enterprise version this app supports combining or merging request for quotation documents.When we have multiple quotations for the same vendor it can be useful to merge them all into one before creating a purchase order and sending it. A new request for quotation with a new reference is generated and the originals are cancelled. Merging works if multiple vendors and quotations are selected. If multiple vendors are selected, one merged quotation per vendor will be created.

How Quotation Merge App Works?

Step 1: Create one request for quotation:

For example: In the below screenshot we could see a request for quotation is created with currency and warehouse location to be filled as mandatory.


Step 2: Create second request for quotation:

Considering the same vendor name, currency and stock location another quotation is created

Create second request for quotation

Step 3: Select and Merge Quotations:

After creation of quotations select both of them from ‘Treeview’ following the below navigation

Action –> Merge Request for Quotation

A pop up window will appear in which we need to check whether the conditions are followed or not unless which merging could not be done

Select and Merge Quotations 1 Select and Merge Quotations 2


As the conditions are followed so simply click on ‘Confirm Merge ‘ button and customers will see that a new purchase order with new reference number has been generated which includes merging of both quotations.


This was all about ‘Odoo Request For Quotation Merge App’.We hope this snippet of Quotation Merge App helps you to get some insights of odoo. Stay tuned for more information on odoo.

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