Manage your sales Taxes better in Odoo

Calculating the correct sales tax for an order can be quite a complicated task. Sales Taxes not only differ from state to state but can also be different within the zip code.

Also sales taxes can be different for different types of products.  In early November  2013 we signed up a client that needs to calculate sales taxes and did not want to go with the existing Odoo OpenERP connector because it had a per transaction fee. They were thinking of using one of the solutions that allow you to download an excel file that has sales taxes mapped by zip code. There are a couple of problems with this solution. The most obvious being that sales taxes can differ within a zip code. Also sales taxes can be different across products e.g. some states don’t charge taxes on shipping even though they may tax the actual product being shipped. So began the hunt for a solution that was relatively inexpensive, comprehensive and accurate and we found TaxCloud which is completely free.

TaxCloud is one of the six companies that is certified with SSTA (Streamline Sales Tax Agreement) which provides assurance regarding the accuracy of their data and TaxCloud has integration with most of the leading software solutions like Magento. TaxCloud is free because it is paid by the states where they file taxes and transfer the funds. TaxCloud provides for reporting, filing of taxes and also handles exemptions in situations such as sales to non profits, etc.  With this connector for Odoo OpenERP we believe there is now a solution that can assist in filing sales taxes accurately, increase productivity and reduce the risk of audit without incurring a per transaction fee.

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