odoo shipstation integration

Specially designed for ecommerce retailers, ShipStation is a widely used tool for order processing, fulfilling, and shipping across popular marketplaces and shopping carts. Integrating this powerful tool with your ERP system can help you integrate all your shipping data into one platform. With this Odoo ShipStation integration, you can easily manage your shipping and delivery operations straight from Odoo.

We have created an Odoo and ShipStation connector for you.

odoo shipstation integration

With smoother operations, you’ll accelerate your shipping process and ensure a consistent customer experience.

  • Manage shipping services from multiple shipping providers
  • Import stores, shipping information and orders from ShipStation to Odoo
  • Export orders, products and shipment details from ShipStation to Odoo
  • Generate shipping rates and labels in Odoo
  • Update tracking information from Odoo to ShipStation

What are the benefits of our ShipStation and Odoo connector?

odoo shipstation integration

  1. Integrated shipping methods: With our Odoo and ShipStation connector, you can seamlessly manage multiple shipping carriers. As the connector that brings all your shipping needs in one place. Odoo acts a central place for all your marketplace needs eliminating the requirement of accessing different platforms for various shipments.
  1. Seamless data importing from Shipstation to Odoo: This module allows you to import various shipping methods from different carriers and their respective packaging information into Odoo. This gives you the flexibility to verify different shipping options while quoting to your customers. 
  1. Customized prices: This connector also allows you to give your customer prices quotations based on the delivery address, products dimensions or any other features that you define as the price criteria. 
  1. Price comparison: With our Odoo and ShipStation connector you gain the flexibility to compare price and pick what’s best for you. 
  1. Ability to generate batch shipping labels: With the Odoo ShipStation integration, you can generate batch labels with the click of a few buttons. This not only eliminates human errors, but also saves time by creating labels automatically with your preferred shipping service. You can also easily attach these shipping labels to the delivery order. 
  1. Tracking information management: With this connector, you can easily link your tracking reference number into the delivery order. This dynamic link can redirect you to the respective providers site and you can easily track shipment and generate your order status.

Why Integrate ShipStation with Odoo?

Integrating ShipStation with ERP tools like Odoo can help you save time by allowing you to have one integrated platform for you shipping needs. It can also drastically help reduce costs by eliminating manual data entry shipping information and order information. Organizationally, automating these processes of shipping costs and generating labels can also help you reduce manual data errors across your organization.

How can Bista help?

Over the years Bista has been helping clients across industries to automate their processes with powerful ERP systems. We follow an agile way of working and strive to deliver integrated services to all our customers. Our Odoo and Shipstation connector aims to simplify shipping processes for your organization. We can help you implement this module and also customize it as per your unique needs.

Reach out to us for more details.