odoo shipstation integration

Bista’s connector seamlessly Integrates Shipstation with Odoo.

Odoo Shipstation Integration

The online marketplace never stops expanding, and as there are more and more sites, the competition is getting intense. Giving the best customer service is what ultimately wins over customers. To give you a complete, high-level connection with Odoo ERP apps and to help you in tackling today’s most difficult work as an E-commerce owner, we have built Odoo Ship Station Connector as an integrated platform with Ship station.

What is a shipstation?

Ship station is a tool for managing and optimizing the order fulfillment process of your E-commerce business. You can easily monitor and track your shipping processes, which minimizes misunderstandings and errors and provides robust automation to reduce the amount of human work necessary.

What is an Odoo shipstation Connector?

Ship stations make things simpler, but as your business expands, you realize that you need an integrated platform instead of going back and forth between ERP and ship Station. Ship station connectors link ERP software to ship stations to synchronize shipping data, delivery, and order fulfillment activities.

Why do you need an Odoo Shipstation Connector?

While using ShipStation as a standalone application, it is very difficult to precisely and rapidly imports all Order Fulfillments from Odoo to Ship Station. The main reason why we need an Odoo shipstation connector is-

  •   Eliminate Manual Data Entry.
  •   Choose the best Shipment option.
  •   Integrated Data on Orders from Multiple marketplaces.
  •   Avoid Costly Errors
  •   Free up Time and Resources to focus on your business.

 What features does our Odoo Shipstation connector offer?

  •   Two-way sync of all Data
  •   Manage ship station from Odoo.
  •   Support Multiple Shipstation Account Management
  •   Integrates Multiple shipping carriers.
  •   Intuitive wizards to ship products more quickly and efficiently.
  •   Easily import every marketplace.
  •   Import Order from ship station to Odoo
  •   Schedule or automate the import of your order.
  •   Export Order from the Ship station in Odoo
  •   Import stores, Carriers, Shipping services, Rates, and Packages.
  •   Generate Labels
  •   Schedule or automate the task of label generation.
  •   One-click multi-label generation and printing.
  •   A simple redirect button to view order and shipment status.
  •   Generate an order from a new lead or an existing customer
  •   Using a webhook, get your Marketplace order within Odoo
  •   Notify delivery carrier of low balance

Integrate Shipstation with Odoo to manage your shipping operations from Odoo and improve your shipment’s speed, simplicity, and cost.

What is the benefit of an Odoo Shipstation Connector?

  • Centralization- Odoo Shipstation Connector eliminates the need to engage several channels for various shipments by serving as a central location for all of your marketplace’s needs. 
  • Operational Control- Odoo Shipstation connector allows you to check and compare different package and shipping costs to get the best shipping services and carriers for each order. We are assisting in reducing shipping costs and therefore a key feature in increasing profitability.
  • Ease of Use – Our Odoo Shipstation connector is simple and intuitive. You won’t ever have to cope with complicated logic or demand specialized understanding. It is created very simply by adding just the fields that are required and by displaying only the data and results that are required.
  • Order Management – Odoo shipstation connector will keep you updated about all the information such as inventory levels, order tracking numbers, courier reports, order delivery reports, and other shipping details making it easy for you to manage the order.
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction- When you use the Odoo shipstation connector it will help you in providing better service to your customer. It will help you in faster order fulfillment by comparing packages and rates of shipping carriers you can speed up the process of delivery.
  • Minimize shipment cost- Using the Odoo shipstation connector, you can import various shipping services and their associated shipment rates from different shipping carriers into Odoo. As a result, you can quote your client appropriate shipping costs at reasonable rates.
  • Faster delivery- With the ability to check rates and compare them to alternative packages, you can provide better and faster delivery services to your customers.
  • Improved Brand Value- Our Odoo shipstation connector is designed to improve customer experience, eliminate manual work for business resources, and simplify the interaction between brand and customer.
  • Traceability – The Odoo shipstation connector can send the Odoo connection to the respective provider site, where you can conveniently monitor the shipment and generate the order status.
  • Error handling – You can simply fix errors made during data import and export with our Odoo shipment connector which has test and production accounts to assist you in checking whether everything is working properly or not.

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