Odoo Signature Module

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With Odoo Sign embrace speedy way to Sign, Send and Approve Documents. It’s great addons to the other Odoo Apps which assist you to modernize your business, Save time and Money. With Odoo Sign go paperless and be eco-friendly. With Odoo Sign App you can assign roles for every document and track the document signature process.

odoo sign
Creating a Signature Document
When you trigger on odoo Sign it will land you to the template page where you can upload a PDF template or send a signature request. Suppose you are on some other page and want to be redirected to the template page that can be achieved by triggering the Template button from the top menu item. You can upload a PDF template or contracts that require a signature or other customization by triggering UPLOAD A PDF TEMPLATE.Odoo signature

Once the template is uploaded, fields menu can be viewed which you can drag and drop as per the requirement. You can configure and upgrade your own customized field in the menu items, I will get back on how to do that.

odoo signature

In the Odoo Signature field, you can view a small + icon if you trigger it, a small customization box will pop up where you can set the field to be Mandatory field or leave it to the customer to decide and can assign a person who will be Responsible to populate the field. To configure responsible roles just go to top menu Configuration > Roles

Odoo Signature

In Configuration > Roles, you can view all the configured roles to create the new role just trigger the CREATE button.

odoo signature module

It will open the form view, where you can fill in the Name section and you can enable SMS Authentication if required and lastly save it by triggering the SAVE button.

odoo sign

Now coming back to the template once everything seems right you can send your signature request to your client or organization by triggering the SEND button on the top left corner in odoo signature Menu bar.

odoo sign

odoo sign app

Now on the top Odoo Signature Menu you can keep a track of the status of the Signature, Once the document is signed by the authorized person it will change its state from Signature in Progress to Fully Signed or due to any inducement the other party refuse to sign and cancel the document then the document would be transitioned to Canceled state. Odoo signature apps helps you to track all the details from approval to cancellation.

odoo sign app

On the Customer Portal:

Once the customer opens the document from their email they will view the highlighted fields which need to be filled by them.odoo signature

Once the trigger on the field for Signature it will open the small wizard where they have various Signature choices. There is a Draw option where the customer can sign the doc with a digital pen or something.

odoo sign module

Then there is an Auto option where the customer will be provided with various signature styles and they can choose any according to their preference.

10. odoo sign customer portal auto

Then there is a Load option where they can load their signature life from their system. Lastly, by choosing the preferred option trigger Adopt and Sign.

odoo signature module

Post that the customer will have to validate and send the document back by triggering Validate & Send Completed Document in the bottom.odoo sign

odoo signature app

Post validation and completion of the signature process 

Once the document is signed by all the authorized people, you can view the message You have completed the document and by triggering the Download Document you can download the signed document.

odoo sign app

Now again if you trigger top menu Signature, since the document has been signed it has been moved to the Fully Signed stage.

odoo signature

Creating a custom field for the document

For creating a custom field you have to first enable the developer’s mode with developer mode odoo allows you to understand the technicality of your module more greatly. To enable the developer mode you have to jump to Settings.

odoo signature application

It will open the Settings tab where on the bottom right corner you will have an option to Activate or Deactivate the developer’s mode. Once the developer mode is activated you can view the small bug icon on the top menu.

odoo signature

Coming back to the Odoo Sign module, under Configuration you can view the Field Types menu has been updated. By triggering that you can see the list of fields available, to create your own custom field just trigger the CREATE button.

odoo sign application

Fill in the basic details such as Field Name, Type and much more. Lastly, save it by triggering the Save button. This field option now will be reflected in your document.

odoo sign

Odoo all ways give the best add-on features to its customers to reduce the time and communication barrier. Odoo sign is one of the best methods to get the approval and signature of the documents without wasting much time on sending follow-up emails by tracking the documents. 

At Bista Solutions we help our clients by implementing and customizing odoo ERP for their businesses. To get a demo contact us.