Odoo V10: Show message recipients

Odoo V10

Introduction to odoo:

Odoo formerly known as OpenERP and before that tinyERP is a suite of enterprise management applications. Targeting companies of all sizes, the application suite includes billing, accounting, warehouse management, project management etc.

A few months ago only odoo V10 is launched with its new features. It is a platform for which we could say “All Applications Under One Roof”.

Show Message recipients:

This is the new application developed by us due to which you can never accidentally send emails. For odoo enterprise version 10.0 this module expands “Followers” into an editable list of recipients. You can see every contact who is currently following the document from which you are sending the message.

You can even add or remove people without affecting the followers, just be sure that email is only going to those who should be actually receiving it.

By the image described below, it clearly describes that how this module works actually i.e. whose so ever names are there in followers would be automatically reflected in recipients list. If some other names are to be added in recipients list, then they would not be reflected in the “Followers” name.


For odoo enterprise V10 the workflow is as follows:

Firstly we need to install the module “Show Message Recipients”


Secondly, for any sale order or any quotation page there is a button for “New Message” and by clicking on it a new wizard opens up for sending emails with the names of recipients the same as in the “Followers”


The wizard will be seen as follows:


This is how this module works and if we add extra recipients it would not be shown in the “Followers” list. This was all about odoo v10 “Show Message Recipients”, we hope this short snippet would have helped you in getting some insights of odoo. Stay tuned for more information on odoo.

Please feel free to reach us at sales@bistasolutions.com for any queries on odoo and its related modules. Also, you can write us through feedback@bistasolutions.com and tell us how this information has helped you.