Odoo versus SAP – Which is Best Choice and Why?

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  • Mar 10, 2017
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About Odoo:

Odoo (OpenERP) is an open-source comprehensive suite of business applications for sales, CRM, Project management, warehouse management, accounting, manufacturing, HR and much more.With a strong and robust MVC(Model-View-Controller) architecture, flexible workflows, a dynamic GUI, nd customizable reporting system integration odoo offers over 3000+ modules specifically designed for business to improve their performances.

Then again, SAP is the one of the most established ERP arrangement in the market.The correlation of Odoo to SAP is by all accounts a snappy recommendation for the present as the new goes up against the old.

With odoo offering an accumulation of remarkable elements, bug-free, and has experienced experts, who give Odoo improvement benefit at a spending cost.


Discharged under the AGPL permit, Odoo is one of the best open-source business applications that is composed in Python, where  SAP is a venture asset arranging programming that coordinates every one of the procedures of bigger association.

Odoo being open source is allowed to utilize and disseminate, and henceforth have bring down cost contrasted with whatever other paid ERP arrangement – for this situation SAP.

Odoo with no permitting expense is a feasible choice for little to medium scale business. In any case, this doesn’t imply that is not reasonable for substantial companies or association.

Unique and Fabulous Functionality

Usefulness is one of the key perspectives for both the stages. Being open source, Odoo offers a great deal more opportunity and adaptability contrasted with SAP.

With its source code accessible, the association can contract skilled designers to deal with the customization and there is no shortage of them in the market.

Then again, SAP offers a decent choice, however, the absence of free code can truly upset the development of the organization. This doesn’t mean you can’t alter the SAP arrangement – however that includes some significant downfalls higher than Odoo.


No product arrangement is 100% secure and that is the reason the genuine question is which stage illuminates the real bugs and keep the arrangement usable for the association.

As far as bugs, both the stages are practically equivalent. The arrivals of Odoo V8.0 ingrained certainty and trust in the business and now numerous huge organizations are moving towards Odoo.

SAP then in addition, offers bug settlement now and again.

Business Experienced Professionals

Odoo has developed into one of the major ERP arrangement in the market. The begin was moderate, however now they are carrying on the serious canons and with the arrival of Odoo V10.0, they are currently showcasing themselves as a total business suite for associations.

There is no shortage of designers and henceforth associations can concentrate on business and not on the business suite they are utilizing. Consultation is additionally promptly accessible for Odoo.

SAP is not long ways behind and furthermore, offers great engineers and counsel. In any case, the cost of SAP advancement is way higher contrasted with Odoo.

Wrapping Thoughts

We discover Odoo a superior arrangement that is perfect for all organizations. In the event that you are discovering its marvelous components are ideal and as per your needs, then Odoo is the great decision for you. SAP, then again is exorbitant and offers less adaptability contrasted with Odoo.

This was all about Odoo Vs Sap: Which Is Best Choice And Why?We hope this short snippet would have helped you in getting some information regarding odoo

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