Odoo Warehouse Management

Odoo Warehouse management system

Inventory management becomes chaotic when all real-time information is unavailable which is required for the next action. An inventory management company without ERP software may face various challenges, such as product stock-outs resulting in backorders, increased warehouse spacing and product maintenance, lack of product traceability failing to meet customer demands, and last but not least, incapability to find a specific place resulting in loss of resources and time. Odoo warehouse management tools with end-to-end control over all the warehouse processes from your product storage and transportation to ensuring the routing of goods and optimizing time and cost. It has a very intuitive, easy-to-use interface and offers deployment options for the solutions.

Features of the Odoo Warehouse management system

Fast and reliable system- with its modernized user interface and double-entry bookkeeping on product transfers, aids in the management of complications and gives agility to manage daily duties simply.

Advanced functional tools– It features powerful functional tools like inventory management, valuation, and forecasting to make your complex work easier than before.

Custom product routing –   It features specialized routing activities for products moving within and out of the warehouse processing quicker operation, and scanning a place to make an instant transfer. Odoo warehouse management system supports advanced routing operations like:

  • Dropshipping- Drop shipping is a feature of Odoo warehouse management that allows orders accepted from your shop to be sent directly from your supplier to your client, which helps in delivering items much faster and also helps in lowering the number of warehousing products.
  • Cross Docking- Businesses can unload arriving material or even directly move to outgoing gates with the help of Odoo WMS with little to no storage.
  • Put away strategy- Odoo warehouse management system helps in constructing and selecting a store and put away techniques such as FIFO, LIFO, and so on.
  • Push and pull route– It also helps users to create bespoke product routes to automate order transfers between warehouses or locations.

Auto replenishment feature- Odoo warehouse management system leverage connected packaging to sense when the inventory level drops below a certain point, informs you, and offers a simple, one-click option to order a refill of the product.

Tools for better productivity- Odoo Warehouse management system offers different productivity-enhancing features and services that help in various inventory operations.

  • Barcode scanning- Odoo warehouse management supports barcode integration. Odoo’s barcode application can be customized for the input of items at inventory and the recording of all inventory movement at various stages of operation.
  • Custom warning- Odoo warehouse management provides the feature of custom alert when the number of products is below the threshold, the system sends an email to one of the system’s entities.

Every organization has a set of priorities that help them to choose the best fit WMS. When we select the warehouse management system for our organization, it may be disastrous for the other because no two organizations are the same, and the priorities for each organization differ, and that is what we are here to help with the best warehouse management system that fits all your requirement.

Odoo Warehouse Management ERP

Some of the benefits Odoo Warehouse Management Offer

  •  Scalability, agility, and adaptation – Odoo Warehouse management offers flexibility to respond to changes stemming from new technology, altering demand, increased sales, and so on.
  • Control- It allows for real-time inventory control. You can easily check what is in stock, where it came from, where it is now, and where it is heading.
  • Customer service– The Odoo warehouse management system provides excellent customer service and on-time, error-free delivery.
  • Manage workflows- It also helps in streamlining product flows and information.
  • Easy Integration- Improved process synchronization, from production to end-customer delivery.
  • Profitability- A quick ROI as a result of rapid operational gains.
  • Reduce logistical costs– Optimize your labor while keeping expenditures in check.
  • Enhanced pick times- Exact, high-speed picking and minimized errors.
  • Process Automation- Get real-time updates on throughput, which will help you make key decisions faster.
  • Constant Development and updates- It caters to your company’s changing demands or market trends, such as omnichannel marketing or e-commerce, as well as simplifying orders chosen by waves and cross-docking.

As a result of Odoo Warehouse management, you may minimize stocking-related errors and take decisions a lot faster for improved internal operations. If you need an Odoo Warehouse Management ERP implementation, Bista Solutions provides all allied services in Odoo such as implementation, customization, support, and maintenance for future needs.

We are Certified Odoo Gold partners for many years and have extensive expertise in assisting customers in developing Warehouse management systems. We have 3 decades of ERP implementation expertise & have implemented 350+ Odoo across many industriesIf you have any queries, please contact our team of certified developers for more details.