Odoo Openerp HR Modules

HR module
Human Resource is probably the most important asset for any organization. It becomes a herculean task if your assets are not handled with care. OpenERP helps to manage minute details about your human assets.
We would list the most important Human Resource management features in an OpenERP are as follows:
 Openerp HR Module
• Hierarchy management: OpenERP is able to assign who reports to whom. Even if there is a slight deviation in reporting, that can be configured.
• Change log: Whenever any change is made to the employee profile, in OpenERP the same can be done with an easy to read log available to the HR administrator. Ex: salary changes, hierarchy changes, status changes, etc.
• Status codes that are flexible to reflect the employment cycle: Probation, active, on leave (for reason: paternity, sick leave, etc.), terminated (for reason), etc. OpenERP HR moduleeven supports interns, paid and unpaid.
• Position management:With categories for positions itprovides easy headcount reports.
• Salary change tools: HR may need to apply effective dates for salary changes applied in the past. In project costing environments, retroactive cost changes to project plans should be tied in.
• Ability to extend the employee profile to include fields important to the business, to avoid storing information in multiple files outside the system.
• Reports on any HR data that can be exported to Excel.
These are the features that we think would be awkward for a HR team to live without in the core ERP system. Excel and homegrown applications usually fill in the gaps, but this usually puts pressure on both IT and HR. There are plenty of added value features that are not globally required, but we would include these as very nice to have features:
• Employee evaluations
• Manager evaluations
• Comprehensive skill profiles and search
• Work experience history
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