OpenERP – version 7 Screen Shots

In this blog we are showcasing some of the amazing new features of Odoo v7 . This is one of the Best Open Source ERP available so far.

1.OpenERP POS (Point Of Sale) in Odoo v7

This version of OpenERP has introduced a super clean interface with no installation required as it runs in both Online and Offline.Some of the major changes enhanced are as listed below:

  • POS Internal messaging i.e. Displays Scheduled Messages inside POS.
  • It’s Interface includes both Cashier & Customer module.

2.Changes in the Sales module are there in order to adopt the best business practices in the most effective & productive way.

Just found the screenshots of OpenERP version 7  on one of the facebook post – Tried to cover some since they look awesome with some enhancement

The original posting of the below screenshots was done on Facebook – OpenERP – and can be found here

OpenERP version 7

sales order form

OpenERP version 7


OpenERP version 7

A contact form – a company having 2 contacts.

OpenERP version 7

Point of Sales – Touch screen

OpenERP version 7

Gantt Chart – Task Management

Calendar to check meetings

OpenERP version 7 – Calendar to check meetings

OpenERP version 7

Kanban view of business opportunities – your sales pipeline

OpenERP version 7

Human Resource management – Directory of employees

OpenERP version 7

Graphs – statistics on opportunities

OpenERP version 7

fast timesheet recording

OpenERP version 7

Fleet Management – Dashboards


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