OptoMeat: Meat Processing Software for Your Business

optomeat meat processing software cover

Bista Solutions introduces new meat processing software.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software offers businesses a way to keep track of data from all parts of their organization, allowing them to develop insights, cut costs, and increase overall cohesion.

However, each industry has its own demands, and depending on the characteristics, a generic ERP application may not be up to par. Adopting the technology may even hurt the company in the long run if it tries too hard to mold its behavior to the software rather than the other way around.

The meat processing industry, for instance, involves large quantities of perishable product. Because of this, insights gained from data can be extremely valuable in cutting costs, avoiding waste, and making optimal use of supply.

However, the particular characteristics of the industry also mean that a typical ERP program may bring issues and not satisfy all requirements.

For example, the perishable nature of meat means that keeping track of items as they deteriorate over time from a fresh state is of the utmost value. With conversion tracking (a feature unlikely to be present on standard software), meat processors can automatically transfer a good to frozen after a certain period, thus preventing spoilage.

Companies in the industry also often monitor information pertinent to entire batches rather than individual items. As such, in a meat processing software, accurate tracking of lot numbers is extremely valuable (relevant in the conversion tracking example just above).

Since the data is available and easily accessible, it also makes handling any recalls easy, as well as complying with USDA requirements and other food regulations. A proper ERP system can therefore both raise quality and decrease costs for an organization.


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Bista Solutions’ latest ERP software, OptoMeat, has been designed specifically with the meat industry in mind. OptoMeat gives both the value of typical ERP programs, but with the customization for meat processing that makes it a good fit for such companies.

Features of the meat processing software include:

  • Accurate tracking of lot #’s and serial #’s
  • Tracking of meat through conversion process (e.g., fresh to frozen)
  • Projections/history for sales, purchases, etc.
  • Auto movement of received products
  • Tracking of wastage and byproducts
  • Quick and accurate reporting through analytics dashboard
  • Easy-to-use layout
  • Easy quality control
  • Apps for additional customization


optomeat meat processing software dashboard
OptoMeat features an organized startup menu for easy access.
optomeat meat processing software analytics
Upper management can use the analytics dashboard to see an overview of the company, including sales, receivables, purchases, and more.
optomeat meat processing software barcode scanner
Quickly add items using barcode scanner.
optomeat meat processing software lots serial numbers
Track lot #’s for information pertinent to batches.
optomeat meat processing software tonnage report
Easily export data to create reports, such as Tonnage (Inventory Consumption) Report.
optomeat meat processing software quality check
Run quality checks and track data.


Bista Solutions created OptoMeat through working with clients in the meat processing industry and designing it specifically for their unique requirements. As a result, the software is tailored to your industry needs.

Bista Solutions also can customize the meat processing software further for the individual client. If you’re interested in OptoMeat or have any questions, please contact us at sales@bistasolutions.com. You can also give us a call at +1 (858) 401 2332.