Password Validation in Odoo

Password Validation in Odoo

Module Name : Password Validation in Odoo

Any system having a user login and password must have some method.

odoo to validate the authentication and accordingly grant access.Alternately it is very important to have a strong password in place to make this authentication secure.The use of strong passwords can many a times avoid or even prevent the attack on the system and thus ensure security of sensitive data. The Password Validation Module helps odoo systems to create strong passwords for all their users.The Module doesn’t accept any user with a weak password,Consequently securing your systems from invaders.

Features of the Password Validation Module:

1.It will not allow weak password.

2.The module imposes certain common validation rules to ensure strength of the password.Here a set of rules that the user has to adhere to :

  • The password must be a combinations of minimum 8 characters.

  • Password must have at least one digit, one Uppercase and one Lowercase character.

  • Also password must have a one special character. Supported special characters are : !@#$%&*,.^_`~.

  • User must avoid using any information which is obvious and associated with the user or the account.

  • Avoid using Default passwords.

3.The module will assist the user in setting their passwords by giving recommendations to handle their passwords.

4.The module may also blacklist a few passwords and mark them as weak passwords.

Methods of changing passwords in Odoo ?

There are two ways in which a user can change his/her password namely:

  • From the top right menu User Name > Preference menu, or

  • Using the“Reset Password” link in the Login Form.

Process of changing your password in odoo

Here is the demonstration of how the user can change the password along with screenshots attached.

  1. When user changes password from “Reset Password” link:

Any users can change the password by clicking on “Reset Password” link. This link is appear in the Odoo Login form.


odoo1Click on “Reset Password” link



Reset your password



2. When user changes password from the “Preference” menu:

There is one more way to change the password. User will click on the top right USER_NAME > PREFERENCE menu



Change password from “Preference” menu


Set your new password


Since Password Validation Module is generic module, and is not specifically targeted to any industry. Any odoo project can make use of this module and implement it.

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This module is now available on Odoo Apps , to download the module and begin working with it click on this link on the link below.

For more info see the video: Click Here