Odoo Arms manufacturing customer testimonial


The following is a customer written testimonial from Michael Riettini (Managing Member and COO at Atlas Arms Manufacturing LLC; based in Kerrville, Texas.).

    • What led to Atlas Arms’ creation?

    Atlas Arms Manufacturing was created to legally bring the best arms to the individual.

    • What system were you using and the key challenges you were facing with the system prior to meeting Bista?

    We had nothing, but we wanted to start off on the right foot.

    • What did you want to achieve with an ERP system?

    One of the biggest things for us is lot tracking through our entire manufacturing process from sourcing raw materials, to subcontractors, to in house manufacturing, and sales to end users and commercial loaders. Because some of our products are restricted in certain locales, we needed to be able to block purchase in those cases. We are also big fans of open source software.

    • How did you find out about Bista Solutions and what was it about Bista that stood out compared to others?

    Originally a duckduckgo search, but after speaking with them, and another one of their customers who is well known in our industry, we felt confident they could deliver what we needed for a fair price in a reasonable time (which they have done.)

    Odoo Arms Manufacturing client testimonial
    Odoo arms manufacturing client testimonial
    • What was the Odoo ERP process like with Bista?

    Priyesh, our project manager, treated us like a million dollar customer. Communication was excellent which is startling uncommon in the business world today. Our project completed under budget and quickly, and any delays in implementation were on our end.

    • How did our implementation help you?

    We don’t have to worry about putting together a mishmash of software to manage inventory, accounting, manufacturing, and ecommerce. We have a single source to handle it, and a single team to help me with any issues that may arise, or implement modifications that we need made.

    • How was your overall experience working with the Bista team?

    Excellent and comfortable.

    • Was the Bista team there to support you even after the project was completed?

     Indeed they have. In a good way, they feel more like a partner than a regular vendor, very responsive to questions and concerns even though the project has been put in production.

    • What are the quantifiable results that you achieved from our implementation?

    I can’t count the hours of misery that Bista has saved me from.

    • What has exceeded your expectations since working with Bista? And what are your thoughts about working with the Bista team again?

    Their bid was reasonable to start, but still came in under budget and under hours, which can be difficult to do.

    • Would you recommend Bista Solutions to other companies?