Lakozy Toyota

Lakozy Toyota


Lakozy Toyota is one of the biggest vehicle manufacturers and one of the most widely known companies. In Japan, they are the largest vehicle manufacturers acquiring over 40% of shares. Lakozy Toyota is one of the first automotive dealers ,based in Mumbai. They facilitate sales, purchase & exchange of Toyota and non-Toyota cars at a competitive price.

    The Challenge

    Before we (Lakozy Toyota) met Bista, We were using Microsoft Excel which caused loss of important documents due to which keeping visibility & control over its core management and administrative processes became difficult. The processes & criteria’s set were not well defined and they needed an easy to use, painless to implement, transparent, automated and reliable business application to deconstruct and understand the business processes. It was a challenge to understand the value a business management brings in without having a clarity in processes, efficiency and the enormous amount of paper work which could have bought us in a position where it could limit our company growth.

    The Solution

    Bista Solutions implemented the ProcessMaker Workflow and Business Process Management (BPM) solution at Lakozy Toyota saving their time and money. ProcessMaker is a web-based BPM suite that allows businesses to manage and Automate everyday operational processes. It uses tools to create forms and documents, assign roles, create rules and map individual processes with ease and speed. ProcessMaker has increased efficiency of processes across its HR, Admin, and Sales and Service divisions.

    Key Implementation:

    • HR – Leave requests and
      timekeeping forms
    • Admin – Requisition
    • Sales – Invoicing, Cancellations
      and Refunds
    • Accounts – Advances, petty
      cash, and settlements Request

    The Impact

    Bista Solutions demonstrated ProcessMaker to Lakozy Toyota’s management team, which was impressed by the capabilities, features and flexibility of the software. Lakozy Toyota has automated a number of key departments and processes with ProcessMaker including: HR (leave requests, timekeeping forms); admin requisition); sales (invoice cancellation and refunds); and accounts (petty cash, advances and settlements). ProcessMaker has also been used to send SMS notifications to sales and service managers for urgent
    processes requiring approval.