Lin Haw

Lin Haw Odoo eCommerce ERP Case Study

Lin Haw International is a wholesale distributor of IT, A/V and security hardware based in Vancouver, Canada. Established in 1986, Lin Haw has supplied integrators and resellers with hardware products for over 33 years. With their extensive offerings and a wide range of products, they also strive for the fastest service in the industry. Lin Haw has a wide range of Brands, Products, and SKU’S available with them. To manage all that at one-stop, Lin Haw reached Bista Solutions and we at Bista integrated his whole business process at one place with odoo eCommerce ERP.


    odoo eCommerce Implementation Case study

    Being a large-scale distributor comes with its own challenges, some of the key roadblocks that stood ahead of Lin haw were to seamlessly integrate their eCommerce platform with the accounting, CRM, accounting, order, and inventory processes.

    Having used other software for their accounting and inventory processes, the requirement of a one-stop-shop for all business processes was their topmost priority.


    Bista closely worked the Lin Haw team to develop an in-depth understanding of their requirements and helped Lin Haw organize their business processes with the aim to streamline their inventory and accounting needs solely with the help of Odoo eCommerce ERP.

    One of the unique factors of Odoo eCommerce is its ability to be tailored to any business process. Optimizing this ability, we stitched together a new system that could help them to manage their sale orders with packed products & global discounting. We also managed their orders returns through a well enhanced RMA system. With Odoo eCommerce ERP, we designed a dashboard with daily activities and to-do lists.

    With our Stripe payment integration, they were also able to process customer payments in minutes. This made the payment process so seamless that Lin Haw was able to authorize their customers with preauthorization features, perform automatic bank reconciliation and even help them with batch deposits and payments. With website and eCommerce stitched into one Odoo ERP system, Lin Haw was able to get rid of their other redundant systems.


    Once we implemented Odoo, the results of our processes started reflecting within a few days.

    These were:

    • Consistent and accurate financial data
    • Visibility in production process
    • Reduced lead time for customers
    • More reliability in delivery expectations
    • Better internal/external communications
    • Inter-connected applications with smooth workflow
    • Well organized Website and Ecommerce within one system
    • Visibility in their daily task lists & follow-ups for the same

    With Odoo’s accuracy, Bista was able to solve the accounting issues that Lin Haw was facing giving them a sharper competitive advantage over other distribution companies.
    Over the years, Bista has implemented several eCommerce implementations, know more about our eCommerce Solutions.
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