Ward-Beck Systems

Ward-Beck Systems


Ward-Beck Systems is an Ontario-based manufacturer of equipment used in the radio and television broadcasting industry. With the changes of time, Wardbeck wanted to modernize their systems to be able to meet the challenges in the current economy. Bista Solutions has a number of years of expertise in analyzing the requirements of manufacturing ERP software organizations and developing applications to meet their business needs.

    The Challenge:

    The Organization was facing some of the key challenges:

    1. Before migrating to the Cloud Manufacturing ERP they were using a combination of on-premise software like Mices and Sage. These systems were getting outdated and were not linked with one another
    2. The Same information has to be entered in a different system which takes lot of time.
    3. Lack of visibility into WIP inventory
    4. Need to run several batches to post the transactions to the GL.

    The Solution:

    A legacy system which was being used for 20 + years, we spent a fair amount of time in cleansing the data and migrating it into Cloud manufacturing ERP review users were reluctant to this change, however with detailed hand holding and training this challenge was over come.

    The Impact:

    Tremendous saving of time with increase in productivity and better reporting, planning and decision making.
    No IT hassles, they can now access their system from everywhere