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Suitable Tech


Suitable Tech, a US-based technology company are experts in building superior remote presence solutions to connect people together all over the world. Recently Suitable Tech have developed “Beam” as the robotic product which delivers their mission of easily connecting people from distance.

    The Challenge:

    Below are the critical challenges that were facing Suitable Tech before they met Bista Solutions

    • Suitable Tech had difficulty managing manufacturing process, tracking serials numbers of their products.
    • Another challenge was to manage the warehouse system and mainly it was becoming very painful to handle the return orders (RMA) in the warehouse.

    The Solution:

    Here is how Bista Solutions Helped Suitable Tech to overcome the challenges

    • Bista Solutions implemented Open ERP solution – “Odoo” and customized the manufacturing module by developing a feature of serial number tracking.
    • Bista integrated Thermal Printer with Odoo ERP to print serial numbers.
    • Developed the return merchandise authorization (RMA) Module.
    • To simplify the shipping process, Bista Integrated FedEx shipping with Odoo.

    The Impact:

    What was the Impact on Business after Project Implementation?

    • After Bista’s customization of the manufacturing module it was easy for Suitable Tech to manage the regular manufacturing of products.
    • The best part of the implementation for Suitable Tech was that now they are able to quickly locate and track the products using the serial number and print them easily using a thermal printer.
    • Suitable Tech is more organized than before. There is an observable improvement in their employee’s productivity.
    • The warehouse module and integrating it with FedEx helps them to achieve hey achieved good hold on product shipping by automated Tracking of shipping order status and managing warehouse smoothly .

    The Impact

    Following is the impact of implementation:

    ● People Roles & Responsibilities

    Concerned admins can now have a look into the their process activities themselves and not reach different people to get the task statuses.

    ● Reporting Flexibility

    With NetSuite Reporting admins can get dynamic update of the activities in system.

    ● Dynamic Routing record creation for new assembly items.

    As the client is involved in smart furniture manufacturing, they manufactured customized products as per customer requirement hence the assembly item record had to be created per new requirements each time. Bista developed a mechanism to create manufacturing routing dynamically for such assembly items and automatically link them to auto created work orders from the sale order.

    ● Ease of use

    NetSuite in an ERP itself is user friendly. Users can access the system from absolutely any device that has Internet capabilities. All it needs is a browser. The implementations was also focused to ensure good training, which makes users more comfortable with the new ERP.

    Change Management:

    To understand the current business processes, through sessions were conducted with the process owners. Their needs were converted to processes in NetSuite. During the training processes the we made sure each user gets well versed with their to do’s in the system.

    Lessons Learnt:

    From start to end each process in this project implementation has been a learning experience it’s on way. Interacting with each stakeholder provided us with the knowledge of the business processes in manufacturing vertical. NetSuite being a new system for all the users in the organisation it was a positive perspective for us that they welcomed it well and showed proactive interest in well versed with the system

    Future Opportunities:

    Future opportunities are opened through this Project like:

    • Provide efficient manufacturing processes.
    • Best practices methodology for managing factory and CRM activities

    Key Effect:

    • Tracking manufacturing cost
    • Real time system, all transactions are recorded in real time and thereby post against the respective GL there and then
    • Sync was maintained between Sales and Production activites