Open Source Work Flow Management Software

Open Source Work flow management software

For a quick summary check out the video:

ProcessMaker one of the best Open Source Business Process Management (BPM) and Workflow software specifically targeted and designed for Small and Mid-sized Enterprises (SME).

A user-friendly application to manage workflow efficiently and effectively with a great Architecture. A little literacy in Computer and that’s all, which means that with little knowledge a Users can design and run workflows.

The main advantage of ProcessMaker is that it increase trasparency in the organisation and reduce Paper and the same can be applicable to different departments such as Human Resource, Admin, Finance Operations etc.

ProcessMaker workflow management software is easy to use and easy to implement.  The toolbox ProcessMaker allows you to create forms, design documents, manage roles and users, designate routing rules, link to third-party systems, and map fully-functional workflows.
The software is entirely web-based, making it simple to coordinate workflow across offices.  ProcessMaker connects with your existing IT infrastructure, including DMS, ERP, CRM, and BI systems and databases.
ProcessMaker Enterprise clients enjoy a fully supported, top quality BPM suite with the added benefits of Open Source.
ProcessMaker adapts to meet your IT needs and requires minimal implementation resources. It is Flexible and customizable, ProcessMaker has been implemented in a variety of industries including finance, telecommunications, manufacturing, and government.
I would be covering with different Process maps in ProcessMaker for different requests.