Shipping Management in Odoo Open Source ERP

Reports before Shipping

A warehouse manager requires following reports before it ships the package.

1) Packing Slip –

It contains name of product, quantity and amount of every item inside the package. Finally, it shows the total. The Packing Slip is generated for every order being shipped in a given batch.

This slip is placed inside the package before shipping which acts as an invoice for the customer.

2) Master Picking Slip-

It contains a product description and its location (row-rack-shelf) of every product being dispatched in a given batch. This slip, in turn, is hand over to the warehouse boy who brings all the products and places at the shipping area.

Following screenshot shows links to the above reports-

Odoo ERP Delivery Order

The link on right hand side under Action tab shows links to these reports.

Packing Slip –

Odoo ERP PackingSlipThe wizard comes up when Packing Slip button is clicked

The packing slip wizard gets the batch number automatically and asks for the shop and category (Simple or Complicated Order). Once you select it and click on Apply, it generates all the Delivery Order Slip for that batch which can be placed inside the package before shipping. This packing slip might also act as an invoice for the customer.

Note- There can be different application of simple and complicated orders. Here, we assume that Simple Orders are those which have only one line item whereas Complicated Orders are those having multiple line items. Organisation have different sections for shipping these type of orders, hence the separation.

Master Picking Slip –

Odoo ERP Master Picking Slip

The wizard comes up when Master Picking Slip button is clicked

Next step is to hand over list of all the products to be shipped in a given batch to the warehouse boy to fetch the products from correct Row-Rack-Shelf. This is what Master Picking Slip does.

Reprint Packing Slip –

Odoo ERP Reprint Packing SlipThe wizard comes up when Reprint Packing Slip button is clicked

Alternatively, if the printer goes down, then the warehouse manager can reprint all the packing slip again. Here, there is an additional option to specify the state (All, Ready to Ship, Completed) and only Packing Slip belonging to that state will be printed.

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