ProcessMaker Releases Version 2.0 of its Industry Leading Open Source BPM and Open Source Workflow Management Software

The new release of ProcessMaker includes major improvements in usability, scalability, and increased support for Industry Standards such as BPMN and XPDL

Brooklyn, NY (PRWEB) March 1, 2011

Colosa, Inc, the developer of ProcessMaker open source business process management (BPM) and workflow software, has just announced the release of the much anticipated Version 2.0 of its industry leading BPM platform. The new release is available for immediate download from the ProcessMaker website and is also available as a hosted solution in the ProcessMaker Cloud.

ProcessMaker 2.0 includes a number of innovative new features designed to improve functionality and enhance the user experience. Significant improvements have been made in five key areas: 1) the user inbox experience, 2) extensible plugin architecture, 3) BPMN and XPDL compatibility, 4) document management and storage, and 5) architecture and scalability. Additionally, Colosa has announced a series of new Enterprise Subscription plans designed for organizations looking for enterprise grade functionality, Add-ons, and support services for their ProcessMaker implementations. Here are some of the highlights of the version 2.0 release:

1. User Inbox – Redesigned to permit total skinability for OEM environments and also now has a drag and drop inbox designer to allow users to create custom data views directly inside their inboxes.

2. Extensible Plugin Architecture – Improved plugin architecture now allows users to deploy plugins with point and click simplicity to extend the functionality of ProcessMaker.

3. BPMN and XPDL – Users can now import XPDL process diagrams and also design process maps in a drag and drop BPMN process editor (Beta Release).

4. DMS – ProcessMaker now includes a fully functional DMS for document storage and document management (however, users can still opt to use an existing or preferred DMS).

5. Architecture and Scalability – ProcessMaker now runs on PHP 5.3 and improvements have been made for improved scalability so that there is no performance degradation in deployments with extra-large case loads.

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