RODE (Ramco OnDemand ERP) – A BOON, pocket friendly ERP solution.

Ramco On Demand ERP or ERP on Cloud is the right solution for any organization’s enterprise needs because it takes the full power of ERP and places it on the cloud.Most importantly you do not need to put in any investment on new hardware or time on training, or hire any additional IT staff because it is a delivery of application (ERP) via Internet.The automated maintenance and automated upgrade feature in Ramco also free you from the worries of doing these things manually on a regular basis. Additionally, Ramco has simple installation procedure to be followed and can be implemented in a short duration of time, this makes it cost effective also.

Ramco Systems is completely modular and offers a suite of products which are accessible over the Internet. It allows you to fetch any information from any part of the globe just by clicking one button on the browser, be it from any device like a laptop, a PDA, mobile phone or a tablet PC.

Ramco ERP Solutions are made available to the users on the subscription basis as a result of which you choose to scale up or scale down as when required which in turn helps is cost cutting. There is no need to pay any license fees or AMC(Acceptable Means of Compliance).You will be charged according to your usage nothing more than that. provides the full range of enterprise functions by providing a suite of products which are as ERP Software follows – Managing Finance , Aviation ,Manufacturing , Customer Relationship Management(CRM),Human Capital Management(HCM),Supply Chain Management(SCM) , Enterprise Asset Management(EAM) , Aviation M&E/ MRO ,Managing Projects, Process Control Analytics, Advanced Planning & Optimization, and Connectors. Aviation MRO Software can control your functions, plan ahead, manage smarter and deliver the desired results on time. The Enterprise Mobility Solutions is a power pack that provides you with functionalities that will entitle you to attain your potentials, accredit you with best practices in the industry and ensure you to achieve your task with maximum precision.

Enterprise Software is developed on VirtualWorks platform which is based on SOA standards. Enterprise Cloud Solutions provides a consistent, multi-layer architecture that plugin with all technologies and infrastructure platforms, consequently allowing you to incorporate with other portals, devices, and applications. This boosts you with the phenomenal increase in power to collaborate with all your business associates.