Sales Representative App

Supercharge your sales with Odoo sales Representative App

Sales Representative App

Outperform your sales Goals with our Comprehensive Sales Representative App tailored to your business domain-

Tired of erratic sales figures? If you and your team are consistently failing to meet targets, this can be time to invest in an efficient sales management process. Our Sales Rep app is designed exclusively for field sales representatives and allows your company’s management admin to better lead their teams with real-time performance statistics. It allows them to rapidly evaluate reps and make appropriate changes. It provides a comprehensive picture of the sales process, allowing sales teams to complete more transactions in less time by making wise use of real numbers and insights.

Our sales representative App is packed with every capability that will increase sales wins, there are some other features designed exclusively for the sales management process.

  •  Real-Time Field visibility- If you want to improve your sales management abilities, you must first understand how your field Sales reps spend their time. By giving sales managers fast feedback on the prospecting efforts of their Sales Rep team. Our Sales Representative App has made it much easier. You can see how each of your representatives is performing and how your team is performing in terms of quota.
  • Customer Outlet management- It offers Sales Rep the ability to add new leads, potential customers, outlets, and prospective outlets through the sales Rep app using the client types, configurable fields of your interest, recruitment criteria, source, and status at each stage by their buying interest.
  • Awesome Catalog option- To ensure your sales team has all the information necessary to close a deal, our sales rep App provides detailed product specifications, product inventories, and pricing lists.
  • Quotation/Order Reporting- Our sales rep app includes a quote option for capital item sales. Reports comprising of location & time information, as well as information on the Visit Type and Client Status, are submitted in the user app upon task completion. Capture client orders from catalogs by leveraging targeted, fast-moving, and discounted SKUs based on stock availability via primary, secondary, and tertiary channels. It also provides an admin view of client visits and meeting outcome progress.
  • Offline Mode It can function whether you have an Internet connection or not. When a network connection is available, the data is automatically synced.
  • Sales Rep productivity- A solid sales management procedure like the one in our sales Rep app will make it simple for salespeople to complete their jobs, raising team-wide productivity to new heights.
  • Payment Collection- You can change collection amount data by payment method and view the due invoice amount and receivables against each order in Sales Rep App.

Sales Rep App

Reason To Try Our Sales Rep App.

  • Powerful Insight to improve and Measure Your sales team’s performance is thoroughly analyzed (with graphs) by the Sales Rep App, which points your company to move in a necessary direction for progress. You can only get better at what you can track, after all!
  • Increased ROI- With the help of our Odoo Sales Rep App, you’re operational or overhead costs will be significantly reduced, enhancing ROI. It proves to be the best Sales Force Automation Software available.
  • Real-Time Sales Monitoring Helps in managing the success of your sales force by allowing you to watch field visits. You can look up your salesperson’s whereabouts and see where they are currently working. Team performance improves by a lot due to real-time monitoring of sales reps.
  • Centralized Data and communication- Organize and simplify your sales process by centralizing all of your important information and procedures. With our Sales Rep App, the sales team will have easy access to the relevant data, & it will also be easier to stay on top of things.
  • Increase Transparency- Your sales team won’t benefit from uncertainties or fraud anymore since our platform offers the finest, simplest approach to keeping track of every sales activity. For what it’s worth, you won’t have to worry about being unaware of routine business in your organization ever again!
  • Easy planning and execution- Our Sales Rep App effectively helps your planning and execution by directing you on how to go forward with a fresh planning strategy based on your reports.

Other Benefits Of Sales Representative App….

  • Tailored to your Need- Each organization has different priorities, and our team of competent developers is aware of this. Even though our sales rep app has all the functionality you want. We always customize it to meet your unique requirements.
  • Expert Support- Each project is guaranteed to be successful by our carefully thought-out implementation procedure and support team. We are always available from the moment our sales rep app is deployed in CRM till your team is trained.
  • Easy Implementation- We firmly believe that great software can only prove its value when it can be used by everyone without a hitch! And that is exactly what we provide with our years of experience and seamless implementation of the sales rep App.
  • Intuitive UI – Our sales rep app allows the sales staff to adapt it quickly due to its basic UI and simple-to-understand features.


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It is not simple to manage your sales reps and track deals as they go from initial contact through conversion. There are several repetitive procedures you can employ to do it. Your company’s success depends on the effectiveness of your sales management procedure. Our Sales Rep app’s field mapping, real-time field visibility, thorough data analysis, and sales rep productivity tools will help you boost the sales process. If you want to win sales for your company in a shorter amount of time, your quest is over.

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