Tableau Keyboard Shortcuts

Here are Few Amazing Tableau Keyboard Shortcuts :


Tableau Keyboard Shortcuts

Navigation and Selection Shortcuts

In addition to the standard keyboard shortcuts there are several key combinations that can make navigating and selecting marks fast and easy.

DescriptionKeyboard/Mouse Action
Selects the markClickClick
Selects a group of marksDragDrag
Adds individual marks to the selectionCtrl+ClickCommand-Click
Adds a group of marks to the selectionCtrl+DragCommand-Drag
Pans around the viewShift+DragShift-Drag
Zooms in to a point in the view (requires zoom mode if not map)Double-click , Ctrl+Shift+ClickDouble-click , Shift-Command-Click
Zooms out from a point on a map (requires zoom mode if not map)Ctrl+Shift+Alt+ClickShift-Option-Command-Click
Zooms outShift+Double-clickShift–Double-click
Zooms in to an area in the view (requires zoom mode if not map)Ctrl+Shift+DragShift-Command-Drag
Zooms in and out on a mapScrollScroll
Drags a row and scrolls through a long list simultaneouslyClick+Drag to bottom of pane+HoldClick-Scroll, Command-Hold

Field Selection Shortcuts

There are several key and mouse combinations that can make creating a view and selecting fields fast and easy.

DescriptionKeyboard/Mouse Action
Opens the Drop Field menuRight-click+Drag to shelfOption-Drag to shelf
Copies a field in the view to be placed on another shelf or cardCtrl+DragCommand-Drag
Adds a field to the viewDouble-clickDouble-click


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