Tableau Keyboard Shortcuts

Here are Few Amazing Tableau Keyboard Shortcuts :


Tableau Keyboard Shortcuts

Navigation and Selection Shortcuts

In addition to the standard keyboard shortcuts there are several key combinations that can make navigating and selecting marks fast and easy.

Description Keyboard/Mouse Action
Windows Mac
Selects the mark Click Click
Selects a group of marks Drag Drag
Adds individual marks to the selection Ctrl+Click Command-Click
Adds a group of marks to the selection Ctrl+Drag Command-Drag
Pans around the view Shift+Drag Shift-Drag
Zooms in to a point in the view (requires zoom mode if not map) Double-click , Ctrl+Shift+Click Double-click , Shift-Command-Click
Zooms out from a point on a map (requires zoom mode if not map) Ctrl+Shift+Alt+Click Shift-Option-Command-Click
Zooms out Shift+Double-click Shift–Double-click
Zooms in to an area in the view (requires zoom mode if not map) Ctrl+Shift+Drag Shift-Command-Drag
Zooms in and out on a map Scroll Scroll
Drags a row and scrolls through a long list simultaneously Click+Drag to bottom of pane+Hold Click-Scroll, Command-Hold

Field Selection Shortcuts

There are several key and mouse combinations that can make creating a view and selecting fields fast and easy.

Description Keyboard/Mouse Action
Windows Mac
Opens the Drop Field menu Right-click+Drag to shelf Option-Drag to shelf
Copies a field in the view to be placed on another shelf or card Ctrl+Drag Command-Drag
Adds a field to the view Double-click Double-click


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