How to print Label in Odoo Open Source ERP using Thermal Printer.

For Manufacturing Industry, it becomes important to generate serial numbers for manufactured goods and products.

After Manufacturing finish products, to begin with the delivery process we need to apply labels/serial numbers for each product.

Now, let us understand how we can print serial/labels in Odoo using thermal printer.

Initially, we need to connect Odoo server with printer server so that we can easily send the formatted data into Thermal printer.

Process Begins

1- After generating Labels for Finished Products, Click on Print Label which will redirect to an open wizard

When you click on ‘Print label’it will redirect to an open wizard which will ask to select thermal printer as shown below.

The Order list

Below is the syntax which you need to create for socket connection with the printer.

s = socket.socket(socket.AF_INET, socket.SOCK_STREAM)

then we need to connect with printer.Syntax is-

s.connect((printername, RAW_PORT))

Label printing

Once the printer is connected you can send request for label print.

3-In the 3rd Step theOdoo will send printing request to connected printer for labels printing. (If printer is connected to server then it will print all labels as requested)

socket.send(print output)

“Printout” is formatted data that will accept by thermal printer.

Each printer has own formatted data so make sure you are send correct data to printer.
Thermal printer

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