Top 10 Features to Consider for Any ERP Solution

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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software provides various important functions that integrate each department of a business all over the world by providing a real-time view of data and tasks. ERP efficiently manages every department processes for better decision making and progress of the organization.In this blog, we are presenting 10 must-have features Fast User Adoption & Easy to use of ERP

Before making an ERP investment, following qualities have to look for:

1.Fast User Adoption & Easy to use:

An ERP solution should be such that the users get acquainted with the flows easily and thus the company can make the most the ERP.

2.Modular & Comprehensive:

Because of the modular characteristics, an organization can utilize and pay for only those module which is required eliminating the need to pay for extra modules.

3.Platform scalability and flexibility:

An ERP system has to be flexible and scalable, meaning that it can be adaptable to new requirements so you need not replace it with another ERP system if any requirement emerges.

4.Corporate-wide visibility:

ERP system should be able to provide complete visibility in all the process across the various department in the organization.

5.Best Business Practices:

An ERP is efficient at following best practices if it can achieve an optimize solution in minimum steps. It makes the most of its fundamental features and ensures the increase in services and quality in reduced cost and minimum time.

6.Customer Relationship Management Integration:

CRM module is important and widely used in businesses. A complete CRM module makes certain proper management of lead, customer, opportunities and altogether better support to your customer and further progress of  a  business.

7.Finance and accounting:

An ERP system with an efficient finance management module provides financial reporting and tax requirements with a single accounting, payment systems and banking. It also provides managers with real-time information.

8.Powerful Business Intelligence/Decision Support:

One of the advantages of BI integration with an ERP system is the ability to give real-time look at the data to the manager so that they can take decisions in the short and long terms.

9.Mobile functionality:

An ERP solution should be such that it provides mobile access to its database and processes.  Using such an ERP System, companies can ensure their employees get dynamic information the company processes.

10.Ease of integration:

Every business functions differently and therefore there might be some additional supporting software that needs to integrate with the ERP software in order to avoid using multiple software’s to manage one department. Hence it is essential to check the integration abilities of the ERP software.

Therefore we can conclude that an ERP system accelerates production, manages various components within an organization and thereby promotes the growth of a business. Hence choosing a right ERP system that has the above mentioned essential features and right  ERP Solutions provider plays a crucial role in any ERP software implementation.

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