Top 5 BI and Analytics Trends in 2016


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Self Service BI – More organizations will adopt BI tools and solutions that give power to business users right on their hands. Businesses no longer want to be dependent on IT department to share the data insights. Business users will be more willing to learn BI tools like Tableau.





Data Visualization – Presenting data in interactive visualizations will be the common language for analysts and the management. People are visualizing their data to uncover insights, explore questions and share stories



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Advance Analytics Integration – Integration of BI-Analytics tools with statistical tools like R will be more prominent in 2016. Organizations want a deeper, more insightful analytics experience and let users apply statistic, ask series of questions.



Dig into IoT data– As Internet of Things becomes more prevalent in 2016, organizations will look for tools that allow users to explore data and share their findings.


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Business of Algorithms – Algorithms are poised to play a major role in the analytics industry. Making sense of all the data about how customer behave and what insights it tells to organization will require algorithms to define business processes and create differential customer experience



Conclusion :


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