Protect your Organization Data using Two-factor authentication


We are talking about two-factor authentication in Odoo which is one of the best ways to ensure that your account doesn’t get hacked.

Unfortunately, our system Passwords are not so secure as they used be. If someone gets your passwords, they can access your documents and information without any difficultly. Even also if your password is very strong it will not protect you completely.

At this time you may already started thinking several ways to protect your password,

Stop!! Be relax,

“Two- Factor Authentication” is only the super method to make sure your user is authenticated.

Bista Solutions is Customized Odoo Provider & Gold Partner of Odoo in USA, Canada and India.

This week we have added Two- Factor Authentication to Customized OpenERP, It will be an additional layer of security into your ERP System. To enable this access user should have Google Authenticator install in his smart phone

Let’s guide you step by step:

A) Process of Admin configuration with Two Factor Authentication

Step 1: If you have admin rights, you can create Two- Factor Authentication for your user.

Open Source ERP

Step 2: Enable Two Factor Authentication for User using Google Authenticator app:

Odoo Open Source ERP


Step 2: Enable Two Factor Authentication for User using SMS:

ERP Open Source

Step 4: User will get Immediate Email on his registered Email Id:

ERP login protection

B) Process of User configuration with Two Factor Authentication

Step 1: User will scan QR Code using his Smart phone.

Step 2: User can get the secret key via SMS or by installing the Google authenticator app.

Note: Google Authenticator App, Which user will install in their Smart phones to get the key to login at the second step.

C. Login Step for User:

Step 1: Finally user can login in the OpenERP System.

Odoo ERP

Step 2: User will ask to add secret code password.

Note: This password would be for only one time use, we can also decide the validity time of each password.

ERP Security

Successful Login into Odoo

Odoo ERP login

If you’d like this and other customized services, get in touch. Bista Solutions is a longtime Odoo partner with years of experience implementing and customizing the software for businesses.