Vendor Management System in Odoo

Vendor-Management in Odoo

Vendor management system functionality enables you to efficiently manage and track vendors while doing business with them. This functionality is all about approving or disapproving vendors for using it in the product and purchase flow.

An “Approved Vendor” is a vendor that meets all the regulatory requirements including a signed off packet of the documentation, filled with the regulatory departments.

Major terminology:

• “Preferred Supplier” is any supplier that is listed with a product item master.
• Product workflow states are a part of documentation workflow.
Draft Prototype WIP, Prototype Release, Production WIP, Production Release, and Obsolete.


User Groups:

• “Viewer”: The group of users who have only ‘read’ access.
• “Editors”: The group of users are basic document ‘editor’ users.
• “Purchasing Users”: The group of users who have access of major ‘purchase functionality’ and inherits ‘Editors’ accessibility.
• “Document Control”: The group of users who inherits all accessibility of ‘Editing’ and ‘Purchasing’ and also ‘controls’ vendor management system functionality.

Approval of Suppliers:

• Add a check box to the Supplier form, “Is Approved Vendor?”
• Suppliers are either “approved” (i.e. check box) or not approved (no check).
• New suppliers default is not approved.


• In vendor management system, only Document Control group user can change a vendor’s approval state. (For other group users that field appears as read only.)
• If a Vendor is approved, it can only be edited by Document Control users.
• If any other group user tries to edit approved vendor form, system will raise warning message like shown below.


Here Brenda chin is a purchasing user hence she is not able to edit approved vendor.

If a product is in “Draft or Prototype” workflows:

• Any vendor can be assigned and purchased from.
• And any “Editor” user group member can add a vendor and pricelist to the product.

If a product is in “Production” workflow in Vendor management functionality, we have the added conditions like:

• Only Approved suppliers can be set as ‘Preferred Supplier’ for that product. (If any unapproved supplier is added to the production state product, system will restrict the process by giving a warning message. Only approved vendors are shown in the supplier field)
• Only Document Control group users can add/remove an approved supplier as a ‘Preferred Supplier’ to product under “Production” workflow. (For any Editor Group users, this field will appear as read only. And for purchasing user it will give a warning message)


Here Brenda Chin is a Purchasing user, hence system gives a warning message while adding new vendor to production state product.

• When moving from Production (WIP) to Production (Release) workflows, all the suppliers assigned to an item master must be an “Approved Supplier”. If it is not, the system will give warning message and will not allow you to change the state.


Vendor management functionality only allows members of the Purchasing Department to change the pricelist for “Production” state products, but the same user can’t change the preferred suppliers associated with that product.


Here Brenda chin is a purchasing user and she can change the pricelist for production state product


Here Brenda chin tried to change the supplier associated with production state product, but system doesn’t allow her to do that by giving warning message.

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