Odoo Vendor Management

Vendor Management System in Odoo

Odoo Vendor Management

Communication with vendors and suppliers is just as important as communication with customers. Establishing good communication and information flow between the vendor and the business results in increased efficiency and reduced costs.  Many companies work with thousands of vendors who are linked in worldwide supply chains. This makes it difficult for organizations to learn and track the performance of their vendors.  No matter how big your organization is or how many vendors you have, you can manage your vendor management process with Odoo vendor management from the first contract until the deal’s completion.

Features of Odoo Vendor Management:

Vendor Onboarding –  With Odoo Vendor Management all the information is available (including any potential automated payments in the future), and tracking payments to a single vendor is no longer difficult. This expands the vendor network for cost-benefit analyses as well.

Contract Management –  You can access a centralized view of each contact’s current status, as well as other essential vendor-related data, using Odoo. As a result, your company will profit from increased decision-making abilities and time savings. 

Vendor Quotation Management – Odoo is ideal for organizing vendor quotes. Odoo sends your Wishlist to your vendor through an RFQ. When your supplier responds to your request, you have the choice to accept or reject the offer.

Data Analysis – You can quickly make forecasts and discover expenditure patterns with the vendor management dashboard view.

Employee Engagement – Odoo helps in replacing unnecessary data entry with reliable data analysis, product ideation, vendor outreach, and vendor selection, resulting in increased employee engagement.

Payment Reminders – Recurring payments are simple to forget, but you can eliminate this monthly hassle with Vendor Management Module by setting up automated recurring payment reminders.

Vendor Management in Version 16: 

  • Dashboard 
  1. Kanban view of the dashboard
  2. Each dashboard line can be clicked to open the relevant orders.

  • Manage vendor Details
  1. You can define Tags 
  2. Individual /Company option
  3. Add Child Contact 
  4. Manage Multiple company Contacts

Odoo Vendor Management in Version 16

  • Sales and Purchase Information 
  1. Payment Terms 
  2. Receipt Reminders 
  3. Supplier Currency 
  4. Fiscal Position 
  5. Barcode configuration 

Odoo Vendor Management in Version 16

  • Account Management 
  1. Vendor Bills 
  2. Payments 
  3. Batch payments 
  4. Employee Expenses

Odoo Vendor Management in Version 16

  • Smart Buttons 
  1.  Meetings 
  2. Opportunities
  3. Sales 
  4. Subscription
  5. Purchase 
  6. On-Time Rates
  7. Invoices

Odoo Vendor Management in Version 16

How can Odoo Vendor Management benefit your business?

  • Maintaining a Vendor Database
  • Increased Visibility 
  • Manage Legal and Compliance Issues
  • Enhance performance and flexibility
  • Handling cost, negotiation, and incentive aspects
  • Improved Communication Channels
  • Controlling critical services and functions

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