Top reasons of selecting vTiger CRM for your Sales force Automation

Here some of the Reason which keeps vTiger as one of the Best Sales management / lead management tool for your organisation

1. Open source Tool – Purely Open source although there are SAAS model available.

2. Free Tool -You can have a check with vtiger as it is free and easily downloadable through web.

3. Customization – It helps you to mould the software as per your requirement so no way to change your practices.

4. Pace – Speed is one of the most important feature of vTiger, which reduce the waiting time towards the downloading of leads or excel data files

5. Ease of CRM – With this free tool which is simple to use allows your salesman / organization to track all your customers in one software.

There are many other features of vTiger which keeps this Customer Relationship Management Tool ahead from others