Odoo FosDick Warehouse Management Connector

Odoo FosDick Warehouse Management Connector

Fosdick is the warehouse services provider who manages all the stock and shipment operations. We have created Odoo FosDick Warehouse Management Connector

  1. Submitting the orders to FosDick – iPost to submit all the delivery orders to FosDick
  2. Get the tracking information from FosDick – Use Fosdick API to retrieve the status & the tracking number of each delivery order

1. Submitting Orders to Fosdick

  • Server Name: The hostname is used to send the orders.
  • Customer Name: The customer name, specific to the company, as provided by Fosdick; is used in the URL
  • Client Code: Defines the XML parameter ‘ClientCode’.
  • AdCode: Defines the XML parameter ‘adCode’ (“TEST”)
  • Logfile: Place to log the information
  • Debug Mode: By default, we log the execution of the batches (when submitted and when received with status); in debug mode we want to log each delivery orders submitted
  • Test Mode: Defines the content of the XML parameter “test¨
  • Write to File: An option to write the XML to a files with timestamps



Submit the orders.

To submit the orders, just run the scheduler and it will submit all the Ready to Transfer Odoo ERP Orders to Fosdick.


2. To track order status, you require following parameters:

● Username
● Password
● Write to file : An option to write the XML to a files with timestamps
● Span Time : Number of days of shipments to retrieve

To track the orders, configure your tracking details in configuration form and click on button ‘Fetch Tracking’. It will track all the submitted orders.


For more details regarding this module and connector email us on sales@bistasolutions.com or call on USA: +1 (858) 401 2332 / Other Regions +91 897 609 8988