Web based ERP v/s server based ERP

Any web based ERP solutions or business software provide advantage to Small and Mid-sized business. Being the world is connected through internet communications for every time, web based ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software provide you with real time information about the sales, purchases, employee, finances etc. It increases the business cycles and improves the level of services to the customers, suppliers and your external partners. It also helps you to increase the productivity of your business.

Let’s have a small example: A sales man moves from office for sales meeting. After client meeting, he/she gets to know the lead can be converted into a customer for future. With online ERP logins available the sales person can feed the information through the internet connectivity from his Smart phone, or laptop. This provides a real time data input on the CRM (Sales management) part to plan for future for Higher Management.

It not only helps in sales but one can manage their suppliers, partners, bill payments, shipping information etc through the web base ERP software.

Another advantage of a web based Enterprise Resource Planning solution is that there is no need to install the software on every machine, in addition to that it help you in quick data entering in the software. Whereas on server based solutions you have to install on every machine and data entering process is slow if the movement of employee is high.

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