What’s new in Odoo 10 – MRP+PLM+QUALITY

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  • Oct 17, 2016
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The MRP app is the highlight of Odoo 10 and has become a milestone in the manufacturing industry. Odoo10 MRP is a complete and integrated software to manage Planning, Quality, Operations, Maintenance, Traceability and PLM. So it’s no wonder it has been met with so much enthusiasm! The preview of Odoo 10 MRP attracted more than 650 people in 10 countries. 

The Odoo 10 MRP app had so many awesome expanded features. For those who missed out the MRP tour, you will find the introduction to all the new features of Odoo 10 MRP in this blog. For any modern manufacturer to be fully functional they will have to make use of more than 10 different applications to run their business, creating a high level of complexity in both workflows and integration. With Odoo 10 MRP app, this has been simplified as this is a single software that combines all the common needs of any modern manufacturer. Odoo 10 integrates BoMs, MPS, Work Center Tablets, Schedulers, Push & Pull rules, OEE, PLM (versioning, engineering changes, and doc management), Quality Management (including control points, quality checks, and quality alerts), as well as Maintenance (preventive, corrective, etc.) . With all these features incorporated, Odoo 10 seems to be a complete open source ERP package for modern manufacturers (MRP + Maintenance + PLM + Quality). As they claim Odoo 10 will be an “ALL YOU NEED, IN A SINGLE SOFTWARE”. Odoo 10 has set a very high expectation amongst the users and is the perfect example of “EASY + POWER = LEAN”

The new features introduced in Odoo 10 MRP app are listed below along with detailed explanation.

  • BoMs

  • Finite Capacity Scheduler (Odoo Enterprise feature)

  • Manufacturing Orders

  • Push & Pull Rules

  • MPS (Odoo Enterprise feature)

  • OEE(Odoo Enterprise feature)

  • Work Center Tablets (Odoo Enterprise feature)

  • Reports (Odoo Enterprise feature)

  • New Dashboard (Odoo Enterprise feature)

  • Odoo MRP Work Center Control Panel

Feature Insight : New feature to define work centre operation duration computation in 2 ways:

– set time manually

– compute based on real time of previous operations

Path : Manufacturing — > Routes –> Work Center Operations — > Operations


  • Odoo MRP MPS

Feature Insight : Provides ability to forecast the quantity for the products and based on:

1. Starting Inventory

2. Demand Forecast

3. Indirect Forecast

4. To Supply/Produce

Path : Manufacturing — > Reporting –> Master Production Schedule


  • Odoo MRP Dashboard

Feature Insight:

Tablets to record work operations :

1. Record productions

2. Display Worksheets

3. Time tracking

4. Quality Control

5. Barcode support

6. Trigger issues

Path : Manufacturing –> Dashboard



We can perform all work order operations from tablets as shown in above images.

Feature Insight:

Time Tracking:

– Helps to determine time taken by worker for production which determines efficiency.

Path : Manufacturing –> Dashboard — > WORK ORDERS


Feature Insight:

Quality Alert:

– Allows to generate Quality Alerts if production parts are defective or of low quality.

Path : Manufacturing –> Dashboard — > WORK ORDERS



  • Odoo MRP Masterdata

Feature Insight : Selecting “Ship this product as a set of components(kit)” sends components in Delivery Order from Sale Order.

Path: Manufacturing –> Master Data –> Routings


  • Odoo Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

Feature Insight : It gives actual efficiency of equipment’s based on calculations shown in below figure.

Path : Manufacturing –> Dashboard



  • Odoo 10 PLM (product life cycle)

Feature Insight :

PLM is used to maintain BoM revisions and track product lifecycle based on Engineering Change orders. Basically PLM application allows us to :

– PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) helps to create ECO (Engineering Change Orders) to :

1. Make BoM revisions.

2. Make MO Route revisions.

3. Update Work Operation based on revisions in BoM.

4. Generate alerts for changes in BoM’s as well as Routes in MO.

5. Generate multi-level approvals from higher authorities for any revision (BoM or Route) before making changes in MO

– Approve Engineering Change Orders

– Manage BoM Versions

Below we have attached the snapshots of the features that we just listed






We hope this snippet of on Odoo 10 MRP and PLM helps you to get some insights on the very new Odoo 10. Stay tuned for more information on Odoo 10 .

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