When testing gets better, business runs smoother

Good Testing Makes Business run Smoother

Agile Testing

 When it comes to testing, the question that arises is why do executives see testing as an Epic Fail? According to software testing expert Scott Barber, it all comes down to accounting. “When you look at the accounting spreadsheet,” Scott says, “testing is a cost center, not a profit center “. This is how executives look at testing; they don’t care about testing; they are only concerned about what kind of value you bring to the product. Indeed, a good quality product sells better — but this is only till you reach a point of minimizing returns. The Value of any product lies in, shorter time in market, error-free software, conform to customer requirements and compliant to standards.

But, what brings you this value and better quality software? Testing does! And to achieve it on a large scale, Agile Testing comes in the picture. Agile Testing ensures that your product doesn’t affect interacting systems in a negative manner.Instead, agile software development and Agile testing help in encouraging repeated sales and gain customer’s trust.

Business Driven Test Management (BDTM)

In today’s rapidly growing business world, companies are now focused more and more on achieving maximum business value from their product, service or software. As a result, high-speed software delivery and high quality are even more important. Hence the likelihood of deficient software quality even greater. Here is where Business Driven Test Management (BDTM) comes into the picture. BDTM acts a guide and demonstrates how to organize, manage and execute a test process.

It converts an organization’s business goals into test goals, allowing a client to more effectively control the test process and consequently, the results of testing. Depending on rational and economic business considerations and identified risks, the right components are tested. And during the process, there is a strong focus on clear and effective client communication.

BTDM Process

The BTDM process includes a certain set of repetitive steps to be followed, We describe them here with an iterative process diagram below,

1. Prepare assignments and Identify the test goals.

2.Understand the risk class for each combination of characteristic and object part.

3. Decide if a combination of characteristic and object part have to be tested thoroughly or ‘lightly’.

4. The fourth step is to Estimate and plan test execution.

5. Assign most appropriate test design techniques.

6.Give the client and other stakeholders of the project/product appropriate insights into the test processes and test objects throughout the test execution process and keep track of all the change requests through proper documentations

Also in the evolution of the business and technology today, organizations are under immense pressure to remain competitive in the market. They need to have reliable and


efficient systems that are capable enough to support the complex business processes.In addition to this organizations need to grow their competencies at a faster pace.To achieve all these points business leaders today are aiming at developing Testing center of excellence(TCoE).The TCoE is command center which provides the standardized methodology, best practices of testing, metrics and automation tools and ensures high quality of the product during the developmental cycle as well as during the deployment process.Some of the listed Advantages of TCoE would be: Greater Agility, Cost efficient, Better Quality, and Faster Releases.The TCoE also can be phased like the BTDM process, the following would be some of the important phases in your path:

1.Establishment of standards and policies and basic governance measure and policies of the Testing methodologies.

2.Determine the product and test infrastructure and standardize your testing tools, which will consequently consolidate the cost of procuring the testing tools.

3.Determine the Service Utility, which means TCoE will act as a source of expertise to the whole organization.

4.Last but not the least the Quality innovation in-charges will provide everything for a centralized testing environment, which includes resources, tools, management and governance of all applications and various business processes.



These unique business-driven testing services approach will enable your clients to achieve the highest quality application deployments, with less cost, less risk and faster time to market. And so goes the phrase, “When testing gets better, business runs smoother.”

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