Benefits of Choosing Odoo ERP Instead of Developing ERP In-House

Odoo ERP

In today’s times, an ERP system is crucial to an organization’s day-to-day functioning and overall business performance. These systems enable organizations to automate all their business processes, effectively manage several important tasks regularly and free up their employees to focus their attention and efforts on more critical activities.

An organization can choose to develop its ERP system in-house or it can opt for a third party ERP system. Developing an ERP system in-house is a time-consuming process as these systems can get quite complex. It requires the continuous involvement of several functional experts as well as Project Managers, Developers, and Testers.

Utilizing large manpower for in-house project development is cost consuming. An organization can also turn to an ERP vendor to provide its resources on a contractual basis, but that would again increase the company’s costs. On the other hand, there are several third party ERP systems available, some of which are open source. Odoo is a very popular open source ERP system which offers a variety of business applications to meet an organization’s needs.

It is the best fit for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) but works well for small and large companies too. The Odoo ERP system offers several modules which cater all business needs such as websites, billing, accounting, manufacturing, warehouse, project management, customer relationship management (CRM) and inventory.

There are several industry specific modules which are developed by an active developer community and are available free of cost. The Odoo software is highly customizable and implementation costs are low too. One of the major advantages of Odoo over developing an entire ERP system in-house is the base ERP which is available with no licensing costs.

This base ERP can be further tweaked to suit specific business needs.

There may be some requirement in an organization for which no Odoo module is available, in that case, the organization can develop an exclusive module to meet those requirements.

An organization may require a simple application for just one of their departments such as the Accounting department and not a full ERP system. With Odoo, it is possible to focus on just one module such as Sales, and customize it heavily for any specific needs.

Thus, every organization can benefit greatly from the Odoo ERP system as it increases the revenue and reduces the costs of the organization.

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