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Introducing the Empower Enterprise Human Resource Planning Solution by Bista. This solution allows the user to make their jobs more efficient and effective by assisting in things such as recruitment, hiring, payroll, absences, timesheets and so much more. This information is compiled into dashboards and put into a calendar with reminders that prompt you on a daily basis, giving you more time to think about your employees and not what tasks you might have forgotten.

EMPOWER Features



Find and hire the best and most qualified candidate for a job
opening, in a timely and cost-effective manner.


Employee Database

Have all the information you need from tracking employee records and personal and payment information to as much custom data as you want, you can manage all of your key data in one secure place.


HR Administration

Manage payroll and compensation, recruiting and staffing, performance and training, labour relations, administering employment benefits and organizational development.



Automatic payroll calculation, Embrace diverse salary structures, Pay employees on time every time, Straight-forward statutory compliance and Encourage employee self-service.



Get to know your employees or co-workers closely. Analyze the performance at work, Talk to your employer about your career plans, Discuss the yearly performance and achievement.


Attendance & Leaves

Integrate with Attendance Machine, Get approval from the executive, Configure your attendance with Payroll. Accurately direct all leaves such as Sick, Casual, Paid, Unpaid, Compensatory, and much more.


HR Reports

Identify trends and action points within the data. Analyze current employees kind and skills, which can help you define your future hiring requirements. Track employee reports across all locations to measure performance accurately.


For More Features

Get the privileges of other features such as Enhanced collaboration, Accurate evaluation and appreciation, Integrations, salary in advance, loan and timesheet uploads and much more.


HRMS has many benefits such as fully automated strategy planning to manage the current and future requirements. Compliance to do everything lawfully intact such as State Regulation, Equal employment and many more, Talent management to hire the right person for the right job at the right time which retains productivity with Recruiting, Interviewing, etc. Training and developmentfor the betterment of the employees and to provide them with more exposure to their goals. Performance management to keep track of employees' tasks and achievements with policies like Appraisals, Intervention, etc. Total Rewards to attract and motivate employees to achieve the target with Compensation, Benefits, Recognition, etc. Health and Safety to ensure the health, safety and welfare of employees in the organization with Insurances, Safety, Worker’s Compensation, etc. Employees and Labour Relations which emphasis on employees relation with an organization and with each other.

HRMS is a technique developed to organize the employees in a confederacy. The basic responsibilities of HRMS comprise of Operational roles to manage all the functional activities, for example, serving as an advocate to peace out any nuisance of employees and employer. Then there is Strategic Planning which assists you to define a business strategy which can be integrated with organizational strategy and employees performance. Then there is an Administrative role which focuses on all types of record tracking, handling all the legal paperwork and also compliance and policy implementation.


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Dedicated DOMAIN






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