PWA Is A Smart Solution & An Alternative To A Native App

Every firm, regardless of industry, seeks to provide a mobility solution to its customers in order to sell their goods or boost awareness of the services they provide. There are several business solutions, ranging from web development to mobile development. Progressive Web Applications (PWA), on the other hand, have become a buzzword that blurs the distinction between these two different solutions by bringing all of the benefits of native mobile apps to the web browser.

What is PWA?

“Progressive Web Apps” (PWA) simply blends the best components of mobile apps with the web in a new way to provide customers with a simple and complete web browsing experience. It is a responsive website that looks and functions like an app. Have you ever considered designing a website that functions and looks like an app? PWA is an excellent time and money-saving solution when developing a website for business prospects. PWAs are a type of app that can be used with any operating system and are accessible, fast, and engaging. They are most likely the future of mobile apps.

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    Benefits of Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

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    Direct Deployment

    The benefit of PWA design is that it is platform-independent. This means that an app can be developed using a single codebase and deployed on several different platforms like android and iOS etc.
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    Cost Effective

    PWA application design is for people who want to get an app into the hands of users quickly and affordably. It streamlines the development process, requiring less time and money to bring an app to market.
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    PWAs are responsive and lightweight. Modern web browsers enable developers to use design options that adapt to changing platforms and screen sizes in order to give consumers a consistent and rich experience.
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    Offline Capabilities

    The PWA is different from a website as it can be accessed offline and does not load slowly when internet connectivity is poor. PWA gives information to users while they are offline by utilizing service workers and caching API.
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    Installable and Accessible

    Platform independence, along with the fact that PWAs are inherently installable, makes it simple to promote an app across numerous platforms. They are also quickly discoverable within a browser without the need to download an app, and they can be effortlessly "saved" to your mobile phone's home screen.
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    SEO proof

    PWAs have the added benefit of being discoverable by search engine indexing as discrete web apps.
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    Speedy and Lightweight

    PWA apps are lighter since they run in browsers and have lower codebases. Slow loading times lead many users to quit app, but with PWA's high-speed capability, this is no longer the case. The user will continue to use it, and after the cache is built in the background, it will become lightning-fast for the user.
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    Safe and Secure

    PWA provides a safe environment that ensures the security of all user actions, including the protection of their browsing history, credit card information, and other personal data.

    Turn Your Website Into A More Responsive Odoo PWA App

    Odoo’s website PWA combines all of the components of a website and a native app, resulting in a suitable PWA solution for your business and assisting you in enhancing customer experience with a faster, more responsive, and secure platform.

    Best web capabilities
    Best alternative to Native App
    Easy launch from the home screen
    No installation is needed
    Create and store push notification
    Schedule push notification
    Customize PWA icon & name
    Multiple website compatibility

    Our Odoo Progressive Web App (PWA) Service:

    We are Odoo Gold Partners that offer a feature-rich solution with our great mobile and web app development expertise and more than 3 decades of experience in Odoo. Our Odoo progressive web app (PWA) developers combine technical skills with the creation of compelling user interfaces. We offer premium Odoo progressive web app development services that are incredibly effective, responsive, and focus on meeting specific user requirements. We guarantee that customers who visit your website will have an engaging app experience with our Odoo progressive web application development services.

    Custom Odoo Progressive Web Apps Development

    We create custom Odoo progressive web applications with an intuitive user interface, quick visuals, a native-like feeling, and lightning-fast speed based on your particular business requirements.

    Responsive Design

    Our skilled developers of Odoo Progressive web apps create solutions that offer seamless interactivity at a fast pace across a variety of devices and browsers.

    Progressive Web Design & Development

    We help you unlock the potential of mobile devices in ways that traditional browsers cannot. Through continuous development, we provide a consistent user experience & aid you in drastically increasing your mobile conversion rates.

    Quality Testing

    We use an agile development process and extensive testing for PWA development in order to offer total support and maintenance. We guarantee the bug-free operation of your Odoo PWA solutions.

    Secure Data Migration

    We design a data-intensive online application using a structured methodology that enables faster, smooth, and safe data movement across browsers.

    End to End Support

    With a dedicated team of support experts, we deal with all problems that affect system efficiency. Our specialists make sure that your Odoo PWA solution is compatible with cutting-edge technology.

    How can Bista help?

    By integrating your creative ideas into excellent user interfaces, we build solutions that assist you in fulfilling the expanding needs of the digital business environment. We have worked with brands and startups in a variety of fields and economic sectors. Our team is well-versed in developing a compelling Odoo PWA (Progressive Web Apps) solution. Save time, make the best decision for your business, and boost awareness of your business.

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