5 Most Important Manufacturing ERP Features

ERP Implementation

While implementing an ERP system for your manufacturing processes, it is very important to select the right system that would take care of all your requirements like Quality Control, production control, Materials & Inventory Management, Multi-Plant / Site Operations, or Discrete vs. Process manufacturing.Following are few of the important features you should take under your consideration and select your ERP tool accordingly.

  • Executive Information System:

It includes tools and systems that provide greater transparency and supports decision-making for daily management of the organization. Popular integration points include:

  • Costing

  • Business Intelligence (BI)

  • Finance

  • Human Resource Management

  • Supply Chain Management:

Program Management including testing, lifecycle management, research, and product launch teams can reap the advantages of an integrated systems. SCM comprises of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) for automated transactions, supplier performance management, logistics, and shipping. Key components of SCM are:

  • Warehouse Management

  • EDI

  • Vendor Contract Management

  • Logistics

  • Manufacturing Work Centres or Groups:

A work center is a group of people that perform a specific step in the manufacturing process. After you have defined a work center group, that work center can be assigned to cover specific steps in the manufacturing process.

  • Quality Management:

Quality Management enables manufacturers to supervise quality through the manufacturing process.

  • Manufacturing Routing:

Manufacturing routing is a template that consists of steps essential to building an assembly item. Each step is in a sequential order important to complete the operational sequence for completing the assembly.

Manufacturing ERP applications can have of various features, and you may not inevitably need each feature mentioned above. Probably, based on your industry, there could be features that are not mentioned but you will need in your ERP manufacturing solution. However, the above-mentioned features can provide a good start.

We at Bista Solutions provide the world’s best Open Source ERP – Odoo 10 . This amazing software is a One Stop Solution to manage your entire manufacturing process from planning to scheduling to production to inventory management to quality control and so on Odoo 10 for manufacturing has MRP PLM and Quality totally integrated with each other and enables smooth sailing through your manufacturing. Most importantly, Bista Solutions has accomplished a large number of integrations of third party applications along with Odoo to provide a complete package of manufacturing, accounting, E-Commerce, shipping services etc,

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