A Note on Quality Assurance in Software Development

quality in Software Development

Quality Assurance in Software application plays an important role and cannot be ignored in software development,  although there are vendors who consider Quality assurance as less important process and ignore them during the software designing or development phase. But in real terms quality plays one of the major role in the development since lack of quality in the coding or during software development may lead to nonacceptance of the project or failure in client requirements.

Although “Implementation of an ERP software or a CRM software is not a success, The success lies when the client start using it.”

Quality Assurance is not just testing the product although testing is a part of Quality Assurance. Quality assurance is a broader concept which start from the inception stage and end at final software inspection. QA process need both verification and validation.

The complete concept of Quality Assurance in software development ensure you with confirmation on the functionality, usability, efficiency, portability, Maintainability & reliability. Hence Proper QA allows you to have a high quality software development and and happy customer base.

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