Account Payment Balance App


Odoo v10 is the most revolutionary ERP present in the market with its awesome features and user-friendly interface.With the help of Odoo team, partners and all the contributors worldwide odoo has evolved at a very high pace.

Odoo V10 Accounting

Odoo accounting is an app which is designed as per the needs of users and customers.It connects directly to the bank and payable accounts. Odoo accounting is well integrated with all other apps such as sales, purchase, and inventory.

Account payment balance app

This is a new app developed by Bista Solutions.This app allows the user to easily select or find the payments which are not used/reconciled yet or which are partially used.

Previously customer had to go to payment option individually and then they could check regarding reconciled amount through invoices.To avoid this problem one field is added in payment tree view called “Unapplied Balances” through which we customers can directly see over there regarding how and where the amount is used or reconciled.

Let us understand by taking a simple example:

Suppose that one of your customers sent you advance payment in 3 partitions




After sometime, he added 2 more orders; one costing 1500$ and another one 1000$ and out of the 3 payments; 2nd and 3rd payments are used.

Here are some screenshots which show the invoice order generated by the customer.

customer invoice

Now if users try to check in the system via payment review, he will never be able to find which payment is used/reconciled for the above order invoices ,then the user has to go to each and every payment created for above customer to check out the payment balance that how much amount is used.

accounting payments

To solve this issue, a field named “Unapplied Balances” is added in this new app through which the user would easily identify in tree view that

Out of 1000$ payment how much is used/reconciled

Out of 3000$ payment how much is used/reconciled

Out of 6000$ payment how much is used/reconciled

accounting payments1

The above screenshot illustrates how simple it is with this app to identify the reconciled amount or payment partially used.

This was all about Odoo Account Payment Balance App.We hope this snippet of Odoo 10 app helps you to get some insights of odoo v10.You can also download this app from below given link:

click here.

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