Advantages of using Custom made ERP software

ERP software customization

What if you are able to get an ERP software that is:

  • An exact fit for your organization and its users
  • Flexible  and helps you through changes in organizational business processes

Does this sound too good to be true?

In this post, we will shed some light on how customized ERP software can help your organization to achieve your enterprise management.

There are many ERP software available that supports specific business processes such as sales management, purchase management, warehouse management or manufacturing, which can be implemented and used as an out of the box solutions without any customizations.

While such out-of-box ERP software has advantages, the main disadvantage is that either you have you make use of the system as is and add manual business processes around it or you need to change your business processes itself to match the software features. Such software tools are by definition inflexible and cannot adapt to changes in the organization or business processes.

This is where customized ERP solutions come to the rescue.

Custom ERP software allows you to meet all your business processes and even remove features that you don’t need.

Customize ERP software is less expensive.This is especially true if you use an open source ERP software such as OpenERP which is easy to customize using the plug-ins and modules from the developer community.

Custom ERP helps you run your current business processes smoothly since the software can be tailor made to fit your organization rather than your organization changing to match the software features.

Per User Personalization  – You can personalize the user interface of the ERP system at a per user level. This means each user sees only the information that is relevant for him and no more.

In our previous posting, we have covered some of the common misconceptions about using customized ERP system. Do check out our next post – share it and comment your views