5 Benefits of Open Source Software

open source software, benefits

Open Source Software (OSS) refers to software whose source code is publicly available for developers to inspect, change, or use as they wish. Because of this, communities of developers typically manage the software. These two factors (available code + crowdsourced development) can lead to a variety of benefits.

  1. Low cost:

One of the primary benefits of OSS is its low cost. Since open source licenses allow access to all, individuals and companies don’t have to pay for the high licensing costs typically attached to proprietary software.

  1. Increased customization:

Another consequence of the source code being available is that it’s easily customizable: you can ask an individual or group for help, or you can do it yourself. Since hundreds of developers potentially have access to the code, there are likely already many custom features available for your needs.

  1. Easy integration:

Just as with customizations, integrations with other software may already be available. However, another reason easy integration is a characteristic of OSS is because open source developers are more likely to use open standards (e.g. widely used data formats) than companies selling proprietary software.

  1. No Vendor Lock-in:

With a proprietary software, if a vendor does a poor job or raises their price excessively, you don’t have much leverage. In contrast, with open source, you can switch providers or you can manage the software yourself; again, any developer can change the code.

  1. Heightened security:

Finally, open source has an arguable advantage in the security aspect: countless developers will be looking at the code at all times and therefore be able to find bugs and defects. Some argue that the transparency of open source can be used by bad actors as well as good. However, it’s plausible that such an issue is outweighed by the benefits.

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