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Back in the 1980s, AS400 was one of the most powerful waves to impact the IT sector. It had transformed a variety of organizations and how they dealt with data. But Running mission-critical functions on this outdated IT beast can be costly, which is why businesses are currently migrating from AS/400 to the Odoo ERP solution. 


Why Migrate to Odoo ERP?

  • Reduce Manual Workload – With Odoo’s automated business processes, your team’s manual workload will decrease and your resources will be able to focus their efforts on more productive tasks.
  • Improve Sales Process – Your sales process will significantly improve after migrating to the Odoo ERP solution.
  • Better Accessibility –  Odoo is available on a variety of platforms, including computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets, at any time and from any location.
  • Inventory management –  Adopting the Odoo ERP system in the company made tracking product requirements easier and allowed timely warehouse supply as all information is centrally placed and accessible to all departments.
  • Enhanced CRM – By Migrating from AS/400 to Odoo ERP, you can receive better processes and segregated data in one location, which makes it simpler for the company’s representatives and customers to track difficulties.

How Bista can help you in AS/400 to Odoo Migration?

  • Business Analysis –  We assist you as an Odoo consultant with pre and post-ROI analysis of your business and enable you in understanding, with appropriate data, how migrating to Odoo ERP from AS/400 will benefit you.
  • Application knowledge –   AS/400 is a complex software and knowing it inside and out only lets you move your data from it. We have an experienced developers team working diligently around the clock to ensure that you successfully migrate from AS/400 to Odoo ERP.
  • Data Quality check – We have a defined process for doing quality checks, data cleanup, and removing duplicate data, ensuring that only valid data is transferred to the new system.
  • Encryption of sensitive data – We understand that Data is the most important aspect of legacy migration. And therefore we ensure the encryption of sensitive information and secure access to data, storage, and retrieval.
  • Integration – We assess each external integration that is connected to your AS/400 system and integrate data with Odoo ERP. so that you get a  centralized system without the loss of data.

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We understand the complexities that migration brings, and we have expertise in resolving such issues for you. We can help you in getting started and will follow you until you attain your goal.

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