How To Take Automated Backups of Your Odoo Database.

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  • Nov 27, 2014
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Database Auto Backup module is basically used for creating database backup at a regular interval automatically. It is performed at a scheduled time which needs to be mentioned at the time of configuring the module.

Steps for configuring the Module:

1) After installing the module, will have to create a scheduler.

For eg. (for Ver. 8.0) Go to Settings > Automation > Scheduled Actions. (as shown below)

Odoo Implementation

Following things needs to be taken care while configuring the scheduler:

i) Interval Number: It indicates interval time between the next backup schedule run.

ii) Interval Unit: It works in combination with the Interval number as it contains the unit for interval for eg. In the above snapshot the interval time is set for 5 minutes.

iii) Next Execution Date: It carries the next run time along with the dates, While configuring for the first time we have to set the time from here.

iv) Number of Calls: It indicates the number of times the schedule action will happen, Its recommended to keep a negative value (eg. -1), so that it runs infinite times without being stopped.

v) Repeat Missed checkbox needs to be kept unchecked.

vi) Under Technical Data tab, set the value for ‘Object’ to ‘db.backup’ and ‘Function’ to ‘schedule_backup’.

2) Configure Backup:

Go to Settings > Configure Backup (as shown below).

Odoo Customisation

Following things needs to be taken care while configuring the Backup:

i) Host: It should be set to localhost or the appropriate host name.

ii) Database: Mention the name of the database which needs to be backup.

iii) Port: Mention the appropriate port number.

iv) Backup Directory: Mention the location of the directory where the backup files needs to be stored on the system.

Note: Make sure the destination directory has full rights, to avoid permission issues. Once all the configuration is done, the backup will be executed at its scheduled time and a .sql file would be available at the mentioned location.

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