Automated Emails for Sales Orders in OpenERP

Here is another interesting feature that we implemented for one of our clients in USA. This feature provides automated confirmation of sales orders in OpenERP  via email rather than logging into OpenERP. This automated feature of OpenERP Sales Orders,We call it as “Sales Order Confirmation by Email”

Use Case Scenario #1

For example, when  a customer is purchasing a product from your company, you can create a sales order in OpenERP. This feature will send an automatic email to the customer who can either reject or accept the sales order directly from the email.

Odoo ERP sale order mail

Use Case Scenario #2

Below is an example for Repair order.  In this case – there is an authorization required from the customer before starting a repair of an iPhone. This authorization can now be collected via an automatic email.

Odoo ERP Automated mail

Advantages of this innovation

  • Customer doesn’t need to login into OpenERP to confirm the sales order.
  • Reduce time for processing multiple sales orders

If you’re interested in this feature or in customizing your ERP system, get in touch. You can reach us using our contact form.