Common BI Software mistakes & How not make those mistakes

common bi software mistake
  • Proper “Data Validation”.

Data quality does have a great impact on business intelligence. Customers won’t adapt the business intelligence solutions provided to them which is irrelevant or incomplete.

To avoid this, one should create a process and follow it through the procedure which will figure out the data redundancy and impurity in data before getting a push in the data warehouse or business intelligence platform.

  • Ignoring Users Needs/Requirements.

Ignoring user need may put us in big trouble or lead to more expenses. Common mistakes that companies usually makes before investing in business intelligence is, failing to match the system’s capabilities with what users actually needed.

To avoid this, it’s important to aware of most of the business intelligence software capabilities. For ex. At times user requires a complete interactive reporting system but unfortunately the solutions selected by them is capable of delivering just static reports.

  • Underestimating Costs of Training and User Enablement.

Due to budget constraints and heavy negotiation, it’s been observed that the cost of training is neglected which ideally becomes a road block at the time of final delivery.

We usually recommend plenty of ongoing trainings so users really know how to use the system and also this self-service business intelligence software had found to be quite easier for the end users as well.

  • Not leveraging intelligence (gathered data) and reporting.

Many organisations gather vital information from their business intelligence solutions or Software’s, but then don’t share it, discuss it, analyse it or sometimes don’t act on it,” and that’s a very big mistake.

Proper business intelligence software can be used to report on various data points, identify risks and opportunities and forecast trends. Yet most of the companies become complacent with a predefined set of reports and don’t take into account the changing business environment. Instead, companies should “maximise the reporting capabilities of their business intelligence software, so that they are good at predicting and heading off problems and identifying risks.”

  • Not choosing a solution that can scale and adapt.

One of the common biggest mistakes that one make is a going with the business intelligence solutions which fails to scale up with future business requirements.

To avoid this we need to make sure the business intelligence solution you choose can grow, or adapt, to your business needs, so we do not have to look for a new business intelligence solution right away.

  • Not factoring in security or legal requirements.

Avoiding data governance when selecting your business intelligence solution. “Giving all the data to all the people and just letting them explore is unethical.”

To protect the company and your customers, “make sure your new business intelligence system works in accordance with your company’s data security policies and legal obligations. “We at Bista solutions not only provide business intelligence expertise to meet your requirements but also adhere to signed NDA and follow HIPPA compliances for data integrity.

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