CRM for Education Industry

Education CRM by Bista Solutions provides your education institute many facilities in terms of sales force management, sales management, lead tracking, This Educational crm application improves the customer responsiveness with much proper view of the customer life cycle of your education institute or University.

It is design to reduce the cost of acquisition on every student in your university/school/institue, as leads or enquiry may lost or missed if proper follow up is not done, Keeping in mind one of the critical point for acquiring the student with proper follow up,  Bista solutions offers you with Customized CRM software where the scope of missing your customer  is very less as automatic reminders are sent to both Management as well as students, from the enquiry stage till the fees payment inventory distributed to students etc.

This customer relationship management software is been implemented in one of the leading Institute of India which offers various educational courses such as management studies, medical hotel management to name few. This software allows you with automatic updates to the students with the help of sms, emails etc. and to the Executive in terms of Dashboards, Pending activities, Pop- up windows.

Other basic facilities are it has a calendar module, quickly adding the leads, courses, no duplication of entries if the inquiry is made from various sources such as campaign, road shows, etc.

Lead Management: One of the most important module is the Dormancy Module which offers facility to set time or days limit for the follow up say for e.g. when an enquiry is made a lead is generated on an initial level so to see that whether the student who made that enquiry have downloaded the enquiry form or not it sent automatic sms and email to the student stating to download/purchase the enquiry form as well it pop up in the software for the follow-up on to the same.

Reporting: Admin can check reports in different groups such as Hot leads of the month/week/day etc. or Enquiries of the day both in graphical as well as in tabular format and of course you can check the history of the lead such as the time spent on each lead by the executive from the enquiry stage till the fees payment stage. Reporting also includes custom reports which can be done as per the requirement of the client.

Campaign management: This module in the Education CRM of Bista solution offers you to maintaining the campaign with all the budgets you have with the expected response and revenue. It also provides you with mass mailing activity and do not disturb email/Short Messaging Service facility.

Lead Tracking and Sales Generation : This module offers you with tracking of leads in terms of which activity say for eg Advertisement, Road shows, SMS campaign etc providing you how much of lead & how many are interested in the admission etc.

Student Information Systems: This education CRM allows you to have a comprehensive view of each student in terms of document submitted at the time of examination, other entrance exams results, and other documents can be stored with the information of each student.

Integration: This software offers you to get integrated with your ERP software or Accounting software so that the chance of duplicating the entry in two systems is zeroed. Also if you have EPBAX system available then this Education CRM system offers you the integration* with the same where you get a pop-up when an incoming call comes and on a smarter way your executive picks and make calls.

The above were some of the modules there are lot of other features in this Education CRM and further you don’t have to pay for other licensing cost in terms of users  and apart from that this can be further customized as per your requirement. Schools and universities can improve efficiency in a cost effective manner and get more from their existing resources with this Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for education industry. Also as we provide you with the source code for further future modifications.

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