Why ERP is considered to be the backbone of eCommerce business?

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eCommerce Businesses are one of the fastest growing Business in the world. People are getting connected to Internet almost every time and buying products and services through the web only instead of going to the brick-and-mortar store. Similarly, many sellers from the world have started their own eCommerce store and started concentrating on increasing the business via Internet as eCommerce store is less costly as compare to opening a brick-and-mortar store.

eCommerce vendors are even selling their products via multiple platforms to a worldwide audience. Some of the key platforms where you will find online merchants presence apart from their own eCommerce Store are – eBay, Amazon, Buy.com. Henceforth in this post, we will discuss how ERP software is the backbone for eCommerce Businesses.

Reason ERP is a Back Bone for eCommerce Business

  • ERP system integration with your eCommerce store give you better efficiency
  • Manage all your store from One software rather logging into different system
  • Altogether a web based ERP software which helps you to manage all your sales, purchase on the go.
  • ERP system integrates your entire inventory from different web stores, whether it is eBay, Magento stores, Amazon stores, phone orders or even your brick and mortar store.
  • The addition of Advanced stock rules for different stores if required.
  • Managing the entire shipping process from ERP, including the integration with UPS, USPS & FedEx.
  • Printing of shipping labels from various carriers from within ERP.
  • Updating of tracking numbers back to the respective web store
  • The complete integrated Accounting system eliminates duplication of effort.
  • Support for multi-currency, multi-company scenarios with the separate chart of accounts for each company.
  • Complete ERP functionality with full-featured modules of Purchase, CRM, Warehouse, Inventory, etc.

ERP not only helps establish world-class best business practices and brings transparency to the organization but also demands empowerment and flexibility in decision-making process.

The most promising argument is that, to thrive in the e-commerce world companies need to transform their internal business process with the deployment of ERP system. Hence, ERP is considered to be the backbone of eCommerce business.

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